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Behold the Wable! - Page 17
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Behold the Wable!



  • @Incero, wow, you didnt even told me about VDS things for ddos magnets.
    only thing was "please upgrade to bundle 5 or higher if you want to stay here and dont ever host teamspeak again", if i dont host TS, i dont requiered that much power - but about that VDS, you didnt told me about that nothing. :|

  • I am a long time reader of lowendtalk. I brought a lot of lowend vps here, including wable. My vps range from softlayer to very cheap provider. But I just got an email saying my account got banned. I really can't find a reason why, all these server only install proxy server for my servers use, not open, not paid or share, very low resources usage. This is the only provider that I encounter this problem.

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