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[LET's 2024 #1 TOP PROVIDER*] Free VPSes, Shirts, Hoodies, and Firearms! -- Final Yearly VPS Chance!
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[LET's 2024 #1 TOP PROVIDER*] Free VPSes, Shirts, Hoodies, and Firearms! -- Final Yearly VPS Chance!

crunchbitscrunchbits Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

It's been a good year, LET. We haven't had a sales thread for awhile, and now is as good of a time as any thanks to Mr. @FAT32's poll.

Here's the TL;DR of our offerings:

Lease-to-own Dedis

  1. Our Lease-to-own (LTO) has been quite popular. I've authorized both of our reps to get aggressive on mixing, matching, and pricing. If you're interested, create an account and open a ticket or join our Discord and request a rep in #sales-quotes. We're definitely going to work aggressively earn your long-term business here.

Xeon E3 Dedi's, starting at $35/m

  1. We've got a handful left of our regular dedicated Xeon E3's awaiting your unique config. Use coupon code: numberone2024 for $45 off ANY configuration.

Yearly 1.5GB/4.5GB KVM VPSes

  1. Yearly VPSes are back in stock and will continue to be replenished until Feb 1.

1.5GB: $11.69/yr or $29.97/3yr
4.5GB: $22.69/yr or $58.69/3yr

On February 1, we're going to discontinue new deployments of these hypervisors. Of course, all existing customers and orders over the next 2 weeks will be honored for as long as you wish to keep them. We will be deploying capacity for approximately ~200-400 of these yearlies in Allentown, PA by February 1. Existing customers will be given first chance and allowed to transfer their Yearly VPS service to Allentown, PA if they wish. Anything left over, if any, will be sold publicly.

Note: All of the dedicated servers above (LTO/Xeon E3) are not instantly deployed. They are parts on-hand and will be built-to-spec and tested for your individual order. Normal turnaround times are 48-96 weekday hours depending on current workload.

Free VPSes, Shirts, Hoodies, and ... Firearms?!

The provider poll being out felt like a perfect opportunity to do some growing together.
For all prizes listed, the only entry requirement is at least 1 post in this thread. Doesn't matter what it is, though there is going to be an internal modifier added for quality/content vs raw spam to give you a better chance of winning prizes.

Here is what we're offering:

Free VPSes

For every vote we get in the provider poll, we'll give away 1 VPS of the following specs for a YEAR on our brand new yet-to-be-announced VPS ordering platform to replies in this thread at random.

  • 2 vCPU (Xeon Scalable or EPYC)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20GB NVMe
  • 5TB @ 2.5Gbps
  • 1 IPv4
  • Routed /64 IPv6

Free Shirts

We've got some ultra-rare, exclusive, one-off Crunchbits' MANGILLA-themed shirts inbound. For every 5 votes end up with, we'll offer 1 up at random in this thread.

Free Hoodies

There is also a much lower amount of Crunchbits' hoodies inbound. Sofspun pullover hoodie with a contrasting black hoodie/neck liner. For every 10 votes we end up with, we'll give away 1 hoodie in this thread.

Free Firearms

This giveaway is going to be in the form of a $500 gift card to Buds Gun Shop. Murica. While you still can.
No limit, we're just giving one away to any qualified user in this thread.



  • If you're in the US (due to import/export laws) we'll toss in some cans of Mangilla, Slayer's Surge, and/or our Sparkling Water into your package if you win.

  • If we finish in first place, we'll also be giving away 5+ sets of Powerbeats Pro to random replies in this thread. We'll reserve the right to still give some away if we have fun and don't take first.


Q: Isn't this shameless?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you ship physical prizes worldwide?
A: Yes, within reason. That means keeping in mind legality, import/export restrictions, and the fact that nearly anything we sent to India didn't make it through :D

Q: Is there a limit to entries? Will more entries help me win?
A: No limit, and there will be an internal modifier applied to posts that are more engaging than raw spam. However, in the spirit of LET: enough comments can still overcome even the best quality post.

Q: What happens if I reply with: @FAT32 WE LOVE YOU!
A: [redacted]

We do reserve the right to exercise our catch-all anti-gaming rule to modify or amend the contest at any time for any reason to keep the spirit of the original post intact.

* = Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements: These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors
that may cause our actual results, performance and achievements or industry results to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forwardlooking statements.



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