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xTom GmbH CTO treats me badly for reporting a problem with the xTom network in Frankfurt, Germany
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xTom GmbH CTO treats me badly for reporting a problem with the xTom network in Frankfurt, Germany

VittGVittG Member


I'd like to share how the CTO of xTom GmbH, Marek Z., has treated me after I wrote to the xTom NOC, to report a networking problem they have in their Frankfurt (fra02) location.


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Well, after this very nice email exchange, the problem with their network in Frankfurt is still happening: just some minutes ago, their BGP announcements flapped again at 23:00:06 CET (UTC+1) for 6 seconds.

So, maybe, their very lovely hot-head I-know-it-all CTO should actually do something to fix their mess, instead of bashing their end users (and not-so-anymore potential future direct customers) like that... :)

By the way, the fact that the problem exists is public and cannot be hidden, thanks to tools like BGPlay:

(It is still too early right now to already analyze the flap that just happened a few minutes ago, noted above.)

Those links will analyze the BGP announcements, withdrawals, flappings, etc of the subnets that contain the public IPv4 addresses of the German looking glasses of their V.PS hosting brand.

But in general, every subnet in xTom Frankfurt fra02 location that I could test, is affected by this networking issue.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are affected, and at the very same exact times.

But hey, if I'm just a "Mr. Expert", "inteligent admin" and "Mr. Imbecile" who does not know networking, then what would Mr. Marek Z. be? Maybe the greatest of the greatest Chief Terminated Officers in the world? He is sooo lucky I'm not his boss :)




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