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The Johnny Nguyen (GreenValueHost) AMA. Yes, It's Happening.
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The Johnny Nguyen (GreenValueHost) AMA. Yes, It's Happening.

raindog308raindog308 Administrator
edited April 30 in Announcements

I will be conducting a no-holds-barred interview with Johnny Nguyen on LowEndBox, and am soliciting questions from the community.

I don't think Nguyen needs any introduction, but for those who don't remember, his time in our community included

  • the spectacular flameout of GreenValueHost, a provider which offered fantastic, unsustainable pricing and was embroiled in numerous DDoS, datacenter dispute, and service disruption moments
  • suicide threats by Nguyen
  • Nguyen broke into his high school to change his grades or something like that
  • someone was SWATted? I seem to recall
  • the brand being sold to @XFS_Duke - who regaled us with "recorded in my driveway" videos for a while but eventually flushed service. His wife also appeared to taunt us with sex toys at one point. Hi, @XFS_Nicole !
  • Innumerable fake accounts here - e.g., @GVH_Jaroslav and all the rest, all of whom I think were Johnny, whose title changed multiple times
  • a surprisingly impassioned plea to help another community member who turned out to have a scarred past (the scarred past is public knowledge, but perhaps not Johnny's attempts to get the kid some help)
  • the introduction of the term FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE in our community
  • at least a dozen other dramas I've forgotten

Nguyen recently left prison on a fraud charge.

LEB is not endorsing or promoting anything that Nguyen did, but as one of the - if not the - most infamous members of our community, I think a Q&A would make for interesting reading.

Rules of the Thread

  1. Post your question for Nguyen below. The purpose of this thread is to gather questions for Nguyen.

2., Questions asking about facts or events are also allowed. To be honest, at this point my own recollection of all the events is hazy.

  1. As always, rules of LET apply, so any questions that are inappropriate (racist, etc. - you know what I mean) will be removed.

  2. I will be consolidating questions down to prune repetition, etc. and will present them all to Nguyen. I think he plans to answer all but obviously this is voluntary.

I'll be closing this thread on May 8.



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