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CLOUDCOMMANDO: Lighting Up Your (Late) New Year! - GitLab/Observium/Piwik+Wildcard SSL - FROM $5/yr!
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CLOUDCOMMANDO: Lighting Up Your (Late) New Year! - GitLab/Observium/Piwik+Wildcard SSL - FROM $5/yr!

0xdragon0xdragon Member
edited January 2015 in Offers

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John - A CloudCommando Production:

Scene: A boardroom is presented, the executive chairs all taken, but the head of the table stands unoccupied. The occupants are restless, looking at their watches.

Enter, stage right, John bumps against the door, attempting to open it by pulling instead of pushing.

John: "Sorry I'm late guys. Shall I get started?"

John places his messenger bag on the table and looks up at the board. He is greeted by faces of stony disapproval, and hurries to unpack his presentation.

John: "Uhhmm Is the new year not shaping up to all you hoped it to be? Did our family get you socks again, or an itchy woolen jumper? Or did you have an amazing Christmas and a really happy new year?"

Pause. Accentuated awkward silence, background noise of ringing phones and secretaries rushing past the room.

John: "Either way, I want to show you something that will really light up your new year."

He looks at the board again, grinning bravely, hoping for some enthusiasm. There was none.

John: "Announcing, CloudCommando!"

Steven, a junior executive, stands up to interrupt.

Steven: "John... You do realize we launched CloudCommando thirty days ago?"


John: "-Yeeahhhh, but now we have website monitoring!"

Steven: "Not good enough John. You're wasting company time and money. Your project died ages ago."

Steven crosses to the door, about to open it and leave. The other execs start grabbing their bags and packing too.

John: "Wait! Wait! One last thing! We're going to give out free stuff."


Steven's hand falls from the door handle for a moment, his voice sightly apprehensive.


Steven: "What sort of free stuff, John?"

John: "Lights! USB lights! We'll call it 'CloudCommando, Lighting Up Your New Year!'"


_All the execs in the room start thinking of the possibilities and begin excitedly discussing amongst themselves. Steven turns and smiles greatly. _


Steven: "You're back on the team, John."



And yes, that's how I got myself back onto the team of CloudCommando.

We will be giving out 1 USB light for every 10 orders! :D

Special Observium Plan!

  • $5 / year
  • Hosted Observium with tweaks!
  • SSL Access

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Special GitLab Plan!

  • $24 $15 / year
  • Hosted GitLab!
  • Small Plan Rules Apply!
  • Dedicated IPv4 Address
  • SSL Access and Wildcard SSL certificate for your domain on request!

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Special Piwik Plan!

  • $12 $10/ year
  • Hosted Piwik
  • Small Plan Rules Apply!
  • SSL Access

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Small Plan Rules Apply!

Some of our general tips for using the small plan:

  • Be fair!
  • We love you, never be afraid to ask if you need help! <3
  • These are general guidelines, not strict rules.

Again, open a ticket if you need a hand, and play nice!

Need more convincing about our hosted Observium? Here are some screenshots:

Cool graphs to make those yearly VPSs seem all the more worthwhile:

Awesome maps to show your world domination to your friends:

Intuitive Graphing:

Convinced? Grab one!

Wise words: Someone once told me I should start writing books instead of hosting offers, but I declined. There's absolutely no way I can make money in the writing business, it's way too saturated.

Thanks, 0xdragon.

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