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vim or nano?
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vim or nano?

Nano is easier but Vim is more powerful.
Are you a vi/vim or a nano guy?



  • nano

    Thanked by 1Kebab
  • i m nano guy , it s more simple

  • ralfralf Member

    vim all the way.

    Nano is evil. I have extreme hatred for distributions that make it the default. It always takes me ages to figure out how to quit it, which is ironic as that's the complaint most people level at vi!

  • nano nano

  • NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor
    edited November 11


  • seb1gseb1g Member
    edited November 11

    nano all the way

  • HxxxHxxx Member

    Correct answer is VIM or NeoVIM.

    However if you are not feeling the hipster vibe, VScode will do.
    In the end nano works fine to just edit server config.

    But for coding, certianly VIM or VScode , or the usual: Sublime, Atom, notepad++, PHPstorm and the other jetbrains products. Visual studio (regular), etc.

    What matter is that you should be fast with it.

    Thanked by 2borales commercial
  • LisoLiso Member

    Nano is more simple to use for me. Everytime I want to do something in vim, I have to search the net. Therefore nano ftw

  • only vim , No Nano

  • farsighterfarsighter Member
    edited November 11

    Vim period.
    You can't beat vim with its persistent undo history, marks, saved sessions, color syntax highlighting, key-mapping, shortcuts, plugins and much more.

    @ralf said:
    that's the complaint most people level at vi!

    Right. They just needs to memorize these sequences:
    Esc+ZZ - save and quit
    Esc+ZQ - quit without saving

    Easier than nano (ctrl+x+confirmation dialog...)

    Thanked by 1borales
  • 90% of time I need to use editor via SSH is when I need minor changes on docker-compose.yml, so nano. Unless for whatever reason nano fucks up my copy-paste, in which case I use vim. It never messes up input from copy-paste.

    Thanked by 1borales
  • I take the time to learn whatever program the distribution has as default for the text editor, so all of them?

  • FlorinMarianFlorinMarian Member, Patron Provider

    Nano until I needed lot of feature available ONLY on vim :smile:

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Part of my standard setup procedure:

    sudo apt purge -y nano
  • let_rockslet_rocks Member
    edited November 11



    export EDITOR=vim
    export SUDO_EDITOR=vim
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  • ralfralf Member

    @farsighter said:
    Right. They just needs to memorize these sequences:
    Esc+ZZ - save and quit
    Esc+ZQ - quit without saving

    Or even just shift-ZZ

  • Nano. Vim is clearly possessed.

  • ArkasArkas Moderator

    vim for me.

  • cochoncochon Member
    edited November 11

    As a long time pico user converted to vi, I'd say vi now even for quick editing. For anything more complex I use a Windows editor not vim (don't hate me).

    And make sure you can use basic vi as implemented in busybox, sometimes it's all you can have.

    @FlorinMarian said:
    Nano until I needed lot of feature available ONLY on vim :smile:

    You must drink some special potions to be able to switch between them, my muscle memory took ages to change from <ctrl>X to <shift>ZZ, like @yoursunny I remove nano to stop myself regressing.

    Edit: darned pointy brackets in markdown

    Thanked by 1borales
  • lq9xlq9x Member
    edited November 11

    I always use vi. Will remove nano whenever see it. B)

    Thanked by 1yoursunny
  • bbjbbj Member


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  • ralfralf Member

    Years and years ago, I used to use emacs.

    I then had a stint when I was doing work on a LOT of customer SunOS 4 machines, pretty much a vanilla install plus their application, and I most definitely was not allowed to install anything crazy like "open sores" software.

    Learning vi was a bit of a baptism of fire, but honestly it only takes a couple of hours learning the basic keys (h,j,k,l for motion or cursor keys, w,b for word navigation i,a,o for adding text and esc to exit) and you can do pretty much anything else you want, maybe just a bit slowly. Then over time, throw in a / for search, x for delete char, d+movement for bigger delete, c+movement for replace, prefixing things with numbers and you already know basically everything you need for 99% of your tasks.

    If you use Windows, then gvim is actually pretty good, and you can use the standard windows shortcuts as well as vim shortcuts without even thinking about context switching with other apps.

    Honestly, just try it. After a day or two with just the bare minimum, you find you're already navigating around the document quicker than using a mouse. At that point, you won't want to go back.

    Thanked by 1borales
  • alt_alt_ Member

    nano is simple. I don't need to take care of stateful stuffs.

  • zhizhi Member


  • My terminal is open since 2011, can someone please let me know how to close vim?

  • k4zzk4zz Member


  • make a poll

    Thanked by 1crilla
  • +1 nano

  • vim enforces massive cognitive load, while nano KISS'ing. Of course real man just edit file in hex mode with xxd.

    Thanked by 1borales
  • I am not masochistic, so mostly nano.

    No, I lied. It's just nano.

    Thanked by 3borales jazzii crilla
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