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Low End VPS Offer Posting Rules (Update 2012) - Page 4
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Low End VPS Offer Posting Rules (Update 2012)



  • @LowEndAdmin just as a mention, the posting rules don't include dedicated boxes. Not sure if you want to include them or not. :)

  • Hmm. Why would anyone want a dedicated low end box?

  • There aren't low offers... let's say sub $30.

    A couple of atoms, some kimsufi stuff, some in NL, and it's over.

  • We were discussing them in another thread and a provider was making an offer.

    ~ and ~

    The main site still has a pricing structure for offers of such. At least it did last time I looked

  • @Mons5t3r

    Yes, I know that site... I only see like 3 offers sub $30 USD (Just to put a random pricing). After that all is expensive :P

  • Just upgraded to Vanilla and added some Markdown changes. You now no longer needs to add 2 trailing spaces to have a hard break <br/> (which I guess a lot of people don't know). Some style sheet changes (to fix the Vanilla changes) so a reload would be needed.

  • AldryicAldryic Member
    edited November 2011

    Did the discussions list just get hugely spaced for anyone else?

    Edit: Took 4 times refreshing cache, but just picked up the new CSS. Any other new features, LEA?

  • Ha. Can't really tell. However with 3rd party open source CMS these days, you just need to keep up with patching...

  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited November 2011

    Looks cool! And now my name is in black XD

    Edit: Opera mini seems broken :P


  • Looks to be working ok for me.


  • marrcomarrco Member
    edited November 2011

    i suggest adding to the template a COMPANY DETAILS field. Year estabilished, number of employers, tax id and complete background. Of course ppl can (and will) lie telling they have 10 full time support staff, but at least we have some info to start.

    Same for datacenter and equipment. I'd love to know the datacenter name, peering agreement and to know whether they just resell, own their equipment ot or rent it.

  • Yeah haven't fully tested the new mobile theme yet...

  • @marrco Wouldn't that info be better suited for the wiki? I believe each company has it's ow page anyway.

  • @drmike i completely forgot there's a wiki. But yes, that info can be put there. Point is that there's not only price and specs, there's also company background (at least for me) and much more when it comes to buy a vps.

  • @drmike, @marrco Wiki? Did I miss something? :-)

  • @TigersWay yes, and has entries for most providers. Ie. this is the page for KuJoe's securedragon:

  • @marrco said: @TigersWay yes, and has entries for most providers. Ie. this is the page for KuJoe's securedragon:

    You are right, I've seen it, but soooo long time ago, I totally forgot. We need to find a way to link our favorite providers - yes, all of them :-) - to their page.

  • So we need to add **no copyright discussion **in here.

    Personal opinion -- I prefer not to have copyright infringement related topic to be discussed here.

    Thread closed.

  • @Zigga -- this thread is mainly for the offers, but I guess a provider coming here offering VPS dedicated to malware hosting or copyright infringement material, it would be a no go.

  • Chancing "5 posts" to "5 intelligent posts" may be something to consider. No disrespect to anything happening currently as I've been meaning to suggest it for a bit.

  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited December 2011

    God... that guy GH_Dom and their useless posts...

    That policy of 5 posts isn't ok. Maybe 50 posts (intelligent, yes) and 2 months registered or something like that. Otherwise, that posts are just spam.

  • jhjh Member
    edited December 2011

    I'm for this as well - 5 posts isn't enough.

    Also it might be helpful to have an extra admin on here, maybe @drmike or someone else who isn't affiliated with a low end provider.

  • Nope - 5 posts is enough. I don't care about these posts as long as the boxes being advertised are lowend.

  • bretonbreton Member
    edited January 2012

    never mind. We still need it.

  • Does anybody follow these anymore? :P

    Some new rules have been added:

    • Using a nulled WHMCS grants you a lifetime ban on LowEndBox and LowEndTalk.
    • Hosts posting offers are not to use Private WHOIS data on their domain

    If you have additional suggestions from this point forward feel free to discuss in this thread. Be aware there is a moderation backlog that we will work through over the next day, and catch up.

  • @Chief said: we will work through over the next day, and catch up.

    You and drmike?

  • @tux said: You and drmike?

    NickM and I.


  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    Rules i'd like to see:

    • You can't offer a yearly deal on the homepage unless you got a year of proven health behind you
      -- This has to be enforced in comments too since it's too common that these people to get listed on the site then start trying to push yearlies in comments right away
    • No resellers of other hosts (burstnet & virpus are the commons)
    • Offering VMWARE based hosting should require proof of a valid license. I bet you that not one vmware host that has offered on LEB is using a paid license. Licenses cost a fortune and they aren't going to cough that up.
    • The front page should require actual accounts that way the public can see if someones trying to skip past and 'sell the company to someone new but really its the same guy' like Up2VPS is doing.


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