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Webspace for 10 Years
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Webspace for 10 Years

NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran
edited February 2014 in Requests


I am looking for a provider for webspace arround 50MB and some traffic like 5gig prepaid for 10 Years.
The Provider itself should exist since 3 Years+
Please take it seriously



  • Prepaying for 10 years can't be any good idea. There is not many companies that has been around for 10 years, so what are the changes that they will be around in 10 years? And especially LE* hosts. I'm sure we don't see many of the names here on LET/LEB around 10 years from now.

  • Please do not do anything as such, you are an old User here and we always use to see the how things changes when some company is over taken and in such a long time many many things will change :|

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran
    edited February 2014

    I got a cheap domain which is running out 2024, thats the reason.

    Yeah and i know that is a risk

  • If you want to do 10 years... Best chance for it to actually be there in ten years still is to go direct and skip all LE* users just go to leaseweb, i3d, hostgator or something like that. Someone just by looking at them you are knowing they are gonna be set for that long

  • Still, you will almost for sure loose money on a 10 year prepaid deal. So why just pay one year at the time or something? Or change domain registrar to, they offer free website with all domains (type one page site).

  • Maybe get a lifetime account at It costs something like $36. They've been around like since the beginning of the Internet, so they're not likely to disappear anytime soon.

    Thanked by 2verloren Mark_R
  • Why not use one of those cheapskate free hosting providers since your specifications requirements are so low?

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    @GIANT_CRAB most of the freehosters have limits such as you need to login every month or mostly they gonna die in 1-2 Years because they cant pay the servers not more.

  • use

    a very nice solution from RedHat, at least they are planning for the LONG term :) and the best part is that it is build for developers and you can start using it for free

  • You could put $600 info a DigitalOcean account, you'll have paid for the $5/pm account for 10 years.

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    @rmlhhd I'm not insane.

    Thanked by 1kerouac
  • @Infinity580 said:
    rmlhhd I'm not insane.

    To be fair what rmlhhd seems like one of the more sane ideas here. You are creating a problem that we can't answer.

    Thanked by 1MannDude
  • nearlyfreespeech has been around for over a decade and does prepaid, only-pay-for-what-you-use shared hosting

  • Go Daddy Economy? 60 months @ £2.99/m?

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    @wych i thought i could get a deal when i prepay 10 Years from a provider.

  • I guess call them up and ask then, I doubt 10-year hosting packages are a common request so no one will bother wasting the website space listing them, if they support those discounts.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    I doubt in 10 years cPanel will still be around, or DirectAdmin, whatever. They look solid now but, 10 years is a very long time, even tho I am almost 40, for the internet, 2 years is a lot from 3 years and upwards, you need to be a bit insane.

  • With only 50MB disk requirement, are you just trying to park the domain?

  • skagerrakskagerrak Member
    edited February 2014

    Well, the best would be to put that domain on namecheap, activate dynamic domain and have that domain routed to your RPi in your room. The RPi uses nearly no energy and is a rock solid equipment. Plus you can install it everywhere in the next 10 years as long as it has access to the internet to update the dynamic domain IP at namecheap. Plus you even have more ressources for only ~35 Euro lifetime price of a RPi. (And if you power that RPi with solar-cells and a battery you even have no energy costs except the few bucks for the equipment.)

  • We'll do that if you want to.

  • There is too much uncertainty in the 10 years future to be worth doing it.
    Who knows if your country doesn't decide to use China's leading experience and start requiring "ICP license" to have a website? All the governments want to regulate the internet as much as possible, or even entirely kill it if they can.

    Thanked by 1badpatrick
  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Host Rep

    We can do this if you choose to.

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    Please only post when you can offer it, i know its risk and a bit insane but possible.

  • The Internet is an enabler of bad ideas.

  • Even a 1 year contract these days are dangerous with LE* hosts.

  • We could offer this; but do not currently meet your requirement of 3 years public trading.

  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran


  • Could you explain to us why you want this?
    I'm very curious.

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    @netomx they denied it, to much risk.

    @ztec I just want to make sure that the domain will stay online.

  • @Infinity580 said:
    netomx they denied it, to much risk.

    ztec I just want to make sure that the domain will stay online.

    How about amazon?

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