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How much do you pay for internet?
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How much do you pay for internet?

This discussion was created from comments split from: How much do you pay for internet?.


  • Let's revive this old topic :)

    €20 FTTH 1Gb/s IPv4 & IPv6

    • Unlimited calls to landlines in over 100 destinations including mainland France
    • IPTV
    • 100 Go Cloud Storage
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  • Mobile:

    • 2$ for 7GB/month (Telkomsel)
    • 5$ for 30GB/month (XL)


    • 18$ for 500GB FUP (Telkom)
  • 60 Euro / month for 200/200 fiber. Norway.

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  • VoidVoid Member

    @yedongming said:

    Finally, in order to break through the world's largest LAN, it will cost about $30 a year to buy vps.

    What happens when you get caught?

  • @Void said:

    @yedongming said:

    Finally, in order to break through the world's largest LAN, it will cost about $30 a year to buy vps.

    What happens when you get caught?

    If you get caught you won't be able to post on LET for 5 years.

  • ~3$ per month, 1gbps/1gbps.

  • davidedavide Member
    edited February 26

    I don't have data on mobile.

    On the house it's 23€ month, LTE, without any additional subscription. A decade ago those european guys who reportedly paid only 20€/month for DSL were also paying another 20€/month for the telephone landline, because the two were part of the same subscription package.

    Speed is pretty crappy but the contractual bandwidth is ~400 GB/month, two standard deviations above the average household.

    1. Mobile (2.5usd/month = 12gb)
    2. Fiber (127usd/year with 20Mbps d:u)
    1. Mobile 5G (29.9eur/month = 150GB)
    2. Home DSL (49.99eur/month = 300down/30up)
  • $12 200mbps

  • sh97sh97 Member

    Mobile: 6$/m - 75GB 4G, Unlimited 5G
    Fiber: 11$/m - 4TB@150Mbps

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Verizon FiOS $43.99/month
    100Mbps symmetric, IPv4 /32, IPv6 /56

    RedPocket wireless $127.19/year
    5GB/month LTE (throttled to 128Kbps when exceeded), IPv4+IPv6 supported

  • I live in Arkansas (US)
    Home Fiber:
    1000 Mbps* Gigabit | Both ways Upload/Download
    No data cap 24/7

  • 10 $- 100 Mbps FTTH

  • raviravi Member

    $6 /month
    Home Fiber
    40 / 40 Mbps
    Airtel India.

  • About 60 USD/mo for 3Gbps symmetrical fiber

  • 20$/m 30mbps included static IPv4

  • £26/mo 80/20 Mbps :'(

  • FTTH $17,9 50Mbps 1,5TB FUP
    4G $3,2 20GB
    4G $3,2 20GB
    4G $2,1 12GB

  • farsighterfarsighter Member
    edited February 26

    Nothing for home internet.

    ‏My uncle is living next apartment to me so I use his wifi (with permission) he's on unlimited 1gbps fiber connection ‏and on wifi i'm getting 250-500mbps which is much more than enough for me. There is only one wall between us.

    We also have free slow wifi from the municipality ‏where i'm getting about 5-15mbps. There are many interruptions but it kinda works...

    My mobile plan includes 200gb of 4g data which costs $8.5 per month, that's the only thing I pay for.

    As you see I have multiple fallback options, no need to pay more.

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  • aulyaryanaulyaryan Member
    edited February 26

    after that 4/1mbps

  • RIYADRIYAD Member, Patron Provider

    Paying $25/month for 50Mbps up/down unlimited for broadband.

    For phone data paying $1ish per 1GB data.

  • @Luke007 said:
    ~3$ per month, 1gbps/1gbps.

    Incredible! Where do you live?

  • Mobile 8,99/month 12GB
    Cable 54,99/month 1000up/50down

  • ManishPantManishPant Member, Host Rep

    Fiber: $32/month for 100Mbps

    Mobile: $5 , 40GB on 4G per month

  • KT

    ~$25 for 500/500 fiber
    ~$25 after discounts for ultd call text 5G/4G data and 140GB hotspot, although there’s a way to bypass on Android, so I just got another data-only sim for the 140GB

  • remyremy Member
    edited February 26

    1Gbps symmetrical fiber - Unmetered

    10$ - 80 Gb per month

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  • 4G+ $40 (Used at home via a router Tp-link MR600)

    150 Mbps / 50 Mbps

    unlimited GB

  • Mobile $5.69/m (XL Xtra Combo Plus 56.34GB Mojokerto / 30GB Surabaya)
    Home Fiber $20.15/m (Indihome 30Mbps)

  • Woah...

    I pay $79.99/ month...

    Feel so terrible for paying so much where everyone else seems to get cheap access. Thanks to local monopoly I do not even have a choice.

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