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Linux for home use? What OS do you use on your main PC? - Page 7
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Linux for home use? What OS do you use on your main PC?



  • roblowendroblowend Member

    @desperand said: I mean changes related to user interface, to sidebars, effects, themes, customizations, and many, many more things.

    Loud and clear. I was curious what you meant by "conceptually."

    You claim that, since 2008, Linux has had no changes/progress in interface, sidebars, effects, themes, and customizations. I do not think that is a tenable claim.

    As for the Linux issues, I am curious to know when you last tried Linux and which distro(s) you tried? I have several printers, "unusual" Zebra & Rollo thermal printers to regular laser printers. I have a dual monitor setup. All the utilities you mentioned work fine on my system, with the exception of I do not use any merge managers.

    @desperand said: If everything was so good, the audience that uses Windows would switch to Linux very quickly

    I do not think there is any evidence to support that. "The audience that uses Windows", by in large, is extremely unsophisticated. The average user could not tell you anything about the filesystem or architecture he is running. "Average" people become accustomed to what they are given (or purchase). Period. Microsoft has the advantage of being the big & first commercial desktop -Critical OS Theory, I call it. I have personally replaced individuals' and organizations' OS's with Linux. Just show them where their "Internet" is, and let them fly.

    You do not have to worry about me becoming emotional, but you should know that this comes off as emotional and inflammatory:

    @desperand said: toxic community that continues to eat shit and says that everyone must eat it a lot to start smelling and feeling the good taste. And if you don't like eating shit: "You're a fool and didn't get it because you're stupid."

  • desperanddesperand Member

    @roblowend said:

    yea yea, sure. You win in internet. 1:0. Good job.
    Please do not tag me anymore, because i really too old for arguing in internet about holywar shit. I have my own opinion and vision how things are, and i respect yours. But i do not wish to argue. Really.

  • roblowendroblowend Member


  • jlet88jlet88 Member

    When LMDE 6 comes out this summer, I think that will become my default desktop distro. LMDE 5 is already great, but the Linux Mint team has been going from strength to strength in recent years. I predict LMDE 6 (based on Debian 12) will be a very special distro, if the current pattern holds true. Cross fingers they stay consistent and don't screw it up.

  • asterisk14asterisk14 Member
    edited May 14

    @nocloud said:

    @asterisk14 said:

    @nocloud said:
    I think you're confused about what an OS is. so the poll is accurate. I know how you like to try and create a narrative, it's in your blood.

    Here is an article that explains intel ME,

    I thought you trusted western NATO regime journalists?

    If you want to continue spreading your hate speech and conspiracy theories, please keep it confined to the Russia / Ukraine thread. Thanks.

    That thread is just a BS pro-NATO echo chamber waste of time. I'm taking a long break.

    On this topic, it's you who are funny. You say you are too shit scared of being monitored/privacy violated that you switch to linux. I link you to a bonfide site where journalist writes that Intel chips have MINIX OS embedded that can see everything you do so even if you switch away from MS Windows spyware "they" can still access your PC if they want. Then you reply and link to a blog site saying yes, there is MINIX OS spyware in the Intel chips that you can't do anything about but not to worry about it. LOL. You are too funny.

    Either you in denial or a very illogical person.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    get trained on it and you would be able to hack and control any Intel machine out there.

  • @Maounique said:

    get trained on it and you would be able to hack and control any Intel machine out there.

    It's not a problem if you think like noclout, just change to linux and pretend problem doesn't exist.

  • nocloudnocloud Member
    edited June 13

    2 year wait is over

    Debian bookworm is released

    Apparently the proprietary firmware free and non-free firmware versions are on the same ISO on this release.

  • SirFoxySirFoxy Member

    Does anyone know if they've gotten League of Legends to a decent state when it comes to running it on Linux?

  • nocloudnocloud Member
    edited June 13

    @SirFoxy as far as i know, Nobara linux runs it out of the box. but not 100% sure on that.

    Thanked by 1SirFoxy
  • Willb211Willb211 Member

    For home use, ubuntun should be a good choice since it has better support for most of hardware devices.

  • Go for ubuntu or its spins it is well supported and almost all software are available for it easily. not to mention proprietry drivers are built in.

    I have Fedora currently on my work pc just because the pc itself is slow and linux runs better. and as a bonus i get to tinker around and spend the rest of my shift troubleshooting. it is a good time passer, i think am gunna go for arch to see how much my productivity would plummit😁.
    joking aside .fedora is a good choice too if you wanna spend extra tine setting up nvidia drivers and with fedora 38 full access to flathub is available with one click.

    my main pc is windows for sure the only things good about linux is it is light weight and the repositories are organized and neat and super convenient no next next next..thats about it.
    On a good specd machine i would go windows its not just about gaming its the Overall experience everything is just available and it just works...

    on linux i still debate if i install a flatpak or a snap or an rpm lol and a simple driver can brick your whole OS and kernel happened to me wasnt fun, anyways without wine i would never use linux as half our infrastructure software runs on windows only.

    macOS on the other hand is complete pile of shit especially on arm all the software i use doesnt run natively just with exeption to visual studio and the browser.. if you are a video editor or graphic designer yea its kinda nice having a good battery life with the performance but thats not the OS its the hardware, mac is the only OS that i cant use for more than 10minutes it drives me nuts if i need a simple software i spend hours looking and its right there on windows and linux.

    most of this post is offtopic. oh well i got carried away

  • neel_qeruneel_qeru Member, Patron Provider

    At home I use openSUSE Tumbleweed Linux. In the past I was a heavy FreeBSD user, but largely gave up on it due to poor drivers on hardware that isn't an 12-year-old ThinkPad.

  • nocloudnocloud Member
    edited June 14

    @SirFoxy said:
    Does anyone know if they've gotten League of Legends to a decent state when it comes to running it on Linux?

    Just realised the video is apex legends not LoL. :disappointed:

    But you should probably worth checking out nobara anyway.

  • nocloudnocloud Member

    Debian 12 Review. might have to jump back on the Debian bandwagon.

    Thanked by 1jlet88
  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    @nocloud said:
    Debian 12 Review. might have to jump back on the Debian bandwagon.

    In for a penny, in for a pound, you should never jump from the merry-go-round!

  • sayurlodehsayurlodeh Member
    edited June 20

    My main OS still Windows, I already tried many distros for personal use but I prefer Fedora or Ubuntu.

  • xespoxespo Member
    edited July 8

    I don't really have a favorite Desktop operating system from a convenience perspective. They seem to all have benefits and drawbacks. I alternate between Debian, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Windows 11 depending on what I'm working on. If people stopped offering me money to make Windows software I'd probably almost never use Windows.

  • xxslxxsl Member, LIR

    I feel like that living without a linux device (should has a terminal to interact with) in hand makes me feel anxiety and unsafe

    Also sleeping with linux next to the pillow can protect you from bad ghost and nightmare

    above are my personal opinion

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