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IncogNET Netherlands - LET Exclusive Deals - Win a free KVM VPS - Double BW - Starting at $3/mo!
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IncogNET Netherlands - LET Exclusive Deals - Win a free KVM VPS - Double BW - Starting at $3/mo!

MannDudeMannDude Member, Patron Provider

IncogNET is happy to introduce some LowEndTalk exclusive KVM plans in our Netherlands location. Similar to our promotion for our new USA based location these deals are limited, and not going to be found on our website or advertised elsewhere.

We started in 2020 with a core mission to bring a needed level of privacy and support for speech in an industry that is losing both. Some of the key benefits of choosing us include our non-invasive ordering process that requires no PII, our acceptance of crypto and in-house processing of it, our support for privacy focused projects and our apolitical approach to speech.

The below deals are LowEndTalk Exclusives. These deals are not available on our website or advertised anywhere else. They are also very limited!


Respond to this thread with the words: "POINTLESS BUMP" and we will DOUBLE YOUR BANDWIDTH from 10TB/mo to 20TB/mo. Just PM me your order number or open a ticket. :)

Didn't place an order and want to try to win a FREE VPS instead?** No worries, responding with "POINTLESS BUMP" will also enter you to win a the 4GB RAM VPS plan listed below for an entire year. (Contest details below)

The Deals

Ryzen CPU 3900X @ 3.8Ghz RAM DDR4 ECC DISK RAID Protected BANDWIDTH Per Month Price (Monthly) Order
0.5 vCPU 512MB (.5GB) 15GB NVMe 10TB/mo @ 1Gbps $3.00/mo* Order Now
1 vCPU 1024MB (1GB) 25GB NVMe 10TB/mo @ 1Gbps $4.20/mo Order Now
1 vCPU 2048MB (2GB) 30GB NVMe 10TB/mo @ 1Gbps $6.66/mo Order Now
2 vCPU 4096MB (4GB) 35GB NVMe 10TB/mo @ 1Gbps $9.69/mo Order Now

*Note: The 512MB Plan is billed quarterly.

Existing IncogNET VMs can not be migrated or converted to these promotional plans. Sorry.

Virtual Servers additional details:

  • Looking Glass:
  • IPv6?: Yeah, of course. It's 2023! All VMs are assigned a /64 of IPv6.
  • Snapshots?: Opt-in, 5 offsite snapshots available.
  • Virtualization Type?: KVM
  • Support?: This is an unmanaged service. Basic helpdesk support only.
  • Whats your refund policy? First 48 hours only, not for crypto.
  • Can I host adult content? Legal adult content is fine.
  • Can I host a Tor Exit? Sure, just have a strict exit policy and follow our guidelines here:
  • What crypto do you accept? XMR, BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE. Limited support for Zcash and Oxen.
  • Can I do ____ or use a server for ____? Review our Terms: We have zero tolerance on network abuse or spam. Just because we respect your privacy doesn't mean we let you do whatever you want. But things like IRC, private VPN, Tor services, etc are okay. When in doubt, please check with us first.
  • What do you do with DMCA requests? In the Netherlands, these are ignored.
  • I have a site/blog/forum/platform that is controversial. The speech is legal but certain groups like to complain to my providers about it and try to get us taken down. Can we host with you? Yes, though depending on the content you may prefer our US location. The United States has the best free speech laws, allowing content that other nations may not.


The Pointless Bump Contest will end on 02/10/2023 at 10PM EST. Entries to win the free VPS will end at that time. However, you may still use the text to double your allocated BW from 10TB to 20TB/mo for as long as this promotion is active.

You must be an LET member for over a month before entering. New users registering solely for the purpose of entering will not be considered!


At the end of the content I will choose one random winner from the thread.

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