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Free NAT KVMs Courtesy of GTHost, Crunchbits, Scaleblade, and PieHasBeenEaten --
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Free NAT KVMs Courtesy of GTHost, Crunchbits, Scaleblade, and PieHasBeenEaten --

TheOnlyDKTheOnlyDK Member
edited March 22 in General

Hello LET Community!

@GTHost, @crunchbits, ScaleBlade @Jack_SBE, and @PieHasBeenEaten have provided bare metal servers to The volunteers at use these servers as hypervisor nodes to make free VPSes available to the Community.

FreeVPS Specs

  • 1x Core (Fair Share)
  • 512MB Memory, up to 1GB with justification
  • 10GB NVMe/SSD/HDD, up to 20GB with justification
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 20x forwarded ports v4
  • /64 (or) /80 Subnet v6


  • LET account must be 3 months or older to quality
  • Active account (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
  • At least 50 or more non-spammy posts

Acceptable Use Policy

  • Zero abuse tolerance.
  • All activities MUST adhere to the Donors' policies.
  • If we take notice that a VM gets abused, the VM will be terminated.

How To Get A Free VPS

Option 1

  • Double check that you meet the above Requirements. Then head over to, click Register, and sign up. Note both your "Client No: ____" and "Your ID: ____" for use in a meaningful comment in this thread

  • Make a meaningful comment in this thread, indicate you want a free VM by adding #ThanksGTHost, #Thankscrunchbits, #ThanksScaleBlade, and #ThanksPieHasBeenEaten somewhere in your comment. Meaningful comments could include, for example: questions, feedback, a suggestion, your preferred location, or your planned use of the server. Don't forget to include both "Client No: ____" and "Your ID: ____" from your sign up.

  • Each member may make multiple meaningful comments, but please do not spam. Include #ThanksGTHost, #Thankscrunchbits, #ThanksScaleBlade, and #ThanksPieHasBeenEaten in each comment to quality.

Option 2

  • Make a donation to any charity, post proof and desired specs.
  • Donors will get double max resources (up to 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 100 200Mbps port, 10 custom v4 ports).
  • Guaranteed VM as long as there are available resources.

Node Specs

Node specs and Looking Glass links are posted at

Special Thanks

Thanks to @GTHost, @crunchbits, Scaleblade @Jack_SBE, and @PieHasBeenEaten for making the project possible!
Thanks to @Cloudie for many kinds of help!
Thanks to Virtfusion for a complimentary license!
Thanks to @TheOnlyDK, @FatGrizzly, and @sh97 for volunteering!
Thanks to @yoursunny for troubleshooting IPv6 issues!
Thanks to @DP for the domain name!
Thanks to @Not_Oles for the idea to make!


  • There is NO SLA on this service, in fact frequent server reboots might be needed.
  • NO support will be provided directly, all help requests must be posted here in this thread.
  • No Backups are done on our side, disks are running in RAID0 YOLO mode.
  • There is no term guarantee.


The original offer post was approved by @jbiloh

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