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Free NAT KVMs Courtesy of GTHost, Crunchbits, Scaleblade, PieHasBeenEaten, WebHorizon --
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Free NAT KVMs Courtesy of GTHost, Crunchbits, Scaleblade, PieHasBeenEaten, WebHorizon --

TheOnlyDKTheOnlyDK Member
edited May 30 in General

Hello LET Community!

@GTHost, @crunchbits, ScaleBlade @Jack_SBE, @PieHasBeenEaten, and WebHorizon @Abd have provided bare metal servers to The volunteers at use these servers as hypervisor nodes to make free VPSes available to the Community.

FreeVPS Specs

  • 1x Core (Fair Share)
  • 512MB Memory, up to 1GB with justification
  • 10GB NVMe/SSD/HDD, up to 20GB with justification
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 20x forwarded ports v4
  • /64 (or) /80 Subnet v6
  • Tokyo Specs


  • LET account must be 3 months or older to qualify
  • Active account (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
  • At least 50 or more non-spammy posts
  • At least 25 thanks on your profile

Acceptable Use Policy

  • Zero abuse tolerance.
  • All activities MUST adhere to the Donors' policies.
  • If we take notice that a VM gets abused, the VM will be terminated.

How To Get A Free VPS

Option 1

  • Double check that you meet the above Requirements. Then head over to, click Register, and sign up. Note both your "Client No: ____" and "Your ID: ____" for use in a meaningful comment in this thread

  • Make a meaningful comment in this thread, indicate you want a free VM by adding #ThanksGTHost, #Thankscrunchbits, #ThanksScaleBlade, #ThanksPieHasBeenEaten, and #ThanksWebHorizon somewhere in your comment. Meaningful comments could include, for example: questions, feedback, a suggestion, your preferred location, or your planned use of the server. Don't forget to include both "Client No: ____" and "Your ID: ____" from your sign up.

  • Each member may make multiple meaningful comments, but please do not spam. Include #ThanksGTHost, #Thankscrunchbits, #ThanksScaleBlade, and #ThanksPieHasBeenEaten in each comment to quality.

Option 2

  • Make a donation equal to at least US$5.00 to any charity, in any currency. Post proof and desired specs.
  • Donors will get double max resources (up to 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 100 200Mbps port, 10 custom v4 ports).
  • Guaranteed VM as long as there are available resources.

Node Specs

Node specs and Looking Glass links are posted at

Special Thanks

Thanks to @GTHost, @crunchbits, Scaleblade @Jack_SBE, @PieHasBeenEaten, and WebHorizon @Abd for making the project possible!
Thanks to @Cloudie for many kinds of help!
Thanks to Virtfusion for a complimentary license!
Thanks to @TheOnlyDK, @FatGrizzly, and @sh97 for volunteering!
Thanks to @yoursunny for troubleshooting IPv6 issues!
Thanks to @DP for the domain name!
Thanks to @Not_Oles for the idea to make!


  • There is NO SLA on this service, in fact frequent server reboots might be needed.
  • NO support will be provided directly, all help requests must be posted here in this thread.
  • No Backups are done on our side, disks are running in RAID0 YOLO mode.
  • There is no term guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the VPS service truly free?
A: Yes, it is. We operate solely on the generous donations provided by our sponsors.

Q: Do you monitor or sell my data?
A: Absolutely not. Your activities on your VPS are completely private. However, if we notice excessive CPU usage or constant port blasting, it may lead to the involcuration of your VPS.

Q: I don't meet the eligibility requirements. Will I receive a VPS if I make a donation?
A: No, donations are intended solely to enhance the resources of your VPS and do not bypass the eligibility requirements.

Q: Why are there recurring fees of $199/$99? Doesn't that contradict the "free" aspect?
A: These fees are in place to discourage idle usage of the VPS. When your VPS is initially deployed, we add credits to your account, which can be utilized to renew your VPS tenure.

Q: Can I migrate my VPS to another location?
A: Yes, in most cases, we allow transfers. It is advisable to back up your data before making a transfer request.

Q: What are the specifications for Tokyo?
A: Please refer to the TYO announcement post. The Tokyo location operates on a donation-only basis due to limited resources and to prevent abuse.

Q: How long does it take to deploy my VPS?
A: Please allow up to 3 days for VPS deployment. FreeVPS is managed by volunteers, and deployments are carried out on a best-effort basis. However, we make every effort to deploy VPS instances on the same day of the request. If your VPS has not been deployed within a week of your request, feel free to follow up on your request.

Q: I don't meet the requirements. Is there any way to obtain a free VPS?
A: If your post history demonstrates exceptional contributions and meaningful engagement within the community, we may consider making an exception and provision a free VPS for you.

Q: Can I make a donation to a local charity?
A: Of course! You can contribute to any charity worldwide using any currency. However, it is preferable if the donation amount is equivalent to or exceeds 5 USD. If your donation receipt is not in English, please provide a translation with it. Furthermore, we kindly request that the receipt demonstrates a recent donation made within the last three months.

Q: Can I redeem the credits in USD?
A: Sure, just put a request in the thread. /s


The original offer post was approved by @jbiloh

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