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What's your favorite Linux Distro?
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What's your favorite Linux Distro?

ArkasArkas Member, Moderator
edited September 22 in General

I don't mean for running a server, rather as your favorite distro to use. If you can also include your favorite D.E. as well it would be great.

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  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator
    edited September 22

    For me it is Debian 11 KDE
    Runner up: Fedora 36 KDE

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  • emgemg Member

    Currently Ubuntu MATE 22.04 with the default desktop user interface.

    Why Ubuntu? Because the people I know (customers and friends) most often choose Ubuntu. Having something familiar to them helps. I prefer the MATE desktop, but feel comfortable enough with whatever the person I am helping knows.

    I'll give Debian 11 KDE a try. I have been looking around for a likable desktop Linux.

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  • macOS Monterey

  • Windows 7 for personal pc.
    Centos 7 for server

  • NyrNyr Member, Community Contributor

    Debían headless via WSL is the only Linux I use in the desktop.

    If I wanted a graphical Linux-like desktop I would get a Mac, which in my mind is the only good option.

    If I was forced to use a Linux desktop day to day, I would probably be a sad man.

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  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    Debian and Ubuntu, used to be also CentOS.

  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator

    Did they ever recover from the spyware allegations?

  • Does OSX counter otherwise I don't use any Linux OS for desktop

  • Manjaro KDE for its AUR, but still prefer MacOS for daily driver because “it just works” 🙂

  • nick_nick_ Member
    edited September 23

    Arch Linux for desktop
    Debian for servers

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  • Windows 10 For Personal Desktop & Laptop

    Debian 10 For VPS <4GB Ram
    Ubuntu 20 For VPS 4GB or more Ram

  • Windows 10 for my PC
    Ubuntu LTS for my Laptop
    AlmaLinux for Servers
    (Previously CentOS for servers)
    Sometimes Ubuntu LTS for servers when required but I just prefer Alma since im used to RHEL style more.

  • Debian + xfce

  • Manjaro KDE. Running really solid for me, I even don't miss my windows machine 🫣

  • Personal PC running Alpine with GNOME 43 Beta was release weeks ago (you should check out, that many improvment since 42)
    Laptop running Alpine with Sway
    Phone also running PostmarketOS (basically Alpine Linux) with GNOME Shell

    Weird enough I almost running Alpine Linux on everything :D

  • Arch w/ KDE for laptop
    Windows 11 (not linux tho) for desktop
    Debian/FreeBSD for servers

  • Debian 10.

  • RHEL and Debian. I don't use any DE on Linux, only use CLI.
    Windows for DE because it's a lot better than any current DE on Linux (in my opinion).

  • @nick_ said:
    Arch Linux for desktop
    Debian for servers


  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator

    Has no one tried Fedora 36? It's not the fedora you use to know, it's evolved very much so.

  • Run as a desktop, I'd prefer Manjaro(Based on Arch) and Gentoo. Run as a server, Debian is my choice.

  • serv_eeserv_ee Member
    edited September 23

    @kasodk said:
    macOS Monterey

    That's BSD based, no?

    Anyway. Opensuse kde

  • manjaro cinnamon on main workstation/gaming pc

    manjaro kde on main work pc

    ubuntu mate 20.04 on roadwarrior pc

    almalinux on directadmin servers

    debian on small vps's

    lubuntu on seedboxes

    xubuntu on rdp server

  • Elementary OS and Ubuntu / AlmaLinux for servers

  • macOS for pc and debian for server :)

  • @serv_ee said:

    @kasodk said:
    macOS Monterey

    That's BSD based, no?

    Anyway. Opensuse kde

    Yes, it is based on FreeBSD.

  • My laptop is running kde neon and my main rig runs Nobara (Fedora 36) and Win11 dual boot.

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  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator

    @n1ghtm4r3x said: my main rig runs Nobara

    Always wanted to try that.

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