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[Clearance Sale] NAT VPS at COST + 5 x 256MB NAT VPS Bundle @ $15 !!
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[Clearance Sale] NAT VPS at COST + 5 x 256MB NAT VPS Bundle @ $15 !!

AbdAbd Member, Patron Provider
edited November 2021 in Offers

Hey! =)

Once again, we've had some unsold stock for NAT VPS, instead of idling this capacity waste, we've decided ro clear in sale, pricing valid until of 15th December, or until sold out. stocks mentioned below :)

What is a NAT VPS?

A NAT VPS basically an IPv6-primary VPS with shared IPv4 access.
You generally get fully dedicated IPv6 addresses (an /80 subnet – that’s 281,474,976,710,656 IPs!) and a shared IPv4 address.

VPS - NAT256 (available in Los Angeles, New York | Netherlands, Poland | Singapore, Japan)

1 vCPU (Fair Use)
/80 IPv6 + 20 IPv4 ports
500GB transfer @ 1Gbps; then unlimited at reduced speed

$7 ** USD $3.99 / year** use coupon ClearNAT21

Order in Los Angeles, USA ==approx 75 available==
Order in New York, USA ==approx 75 available==
Order in Netherlands, EU ==approx 75 available==
Order in Poland, EU ==approx 25 available==
Order in Singapore, APAC ==approx 50 available==
Order in Japan, APAC ==approx 100 available==

Bundle Deal
Get 5 x 256MB random location Bundle at just USD $15.5/year >>>> Order now

This is the lowest we have ever sell these.
Each VPS comes with a nice control panel which supports enabling tun/tap, NFS, Fuse, and PPP.
Full Netfilter support is enabled. Virtualization type is OVZ7.
OpenVPN supported.
Wireguard Supported.
You can reinstall the OS, options include Debian 9, 10 & 11, Ubuntu 18 & 20, CentOS 7 & Alpine Linux now.
You can also upload your SSH key, so your VMs are set to use keys by default upon reinstall.

Support for Domain Forwarding - means you can have your domain served on port 80 & 443. SSL support letsencrypt certificates. :)

If you want to use them for VPN I highly recommend @Nyr 's script:


Looking Glasses
Los Angeles -
New York -
Netherlands -
Poland -
Singapore -
Tokyo -

Payment Methods

PayPal payments are available. We recommend using Cards via Stripe Payments.
Also BTC, BCH & XMR payments are supported.

note - there is no refund policy for NAT VPS, new PayPal refund terms are very costly and we won't pay for refunds on NAT VPS. If you really need a refund - that can be done after deducting a small fee covering the Payment Gateway and usage charges. creating a support ticket on our portal is the way, no direct disputes please.

Cannot replace existing service, though you may just cancel existing & reorder this one. (no refunds not possible)

For cards issued in India/billing address in India - Order using INR currency only :) - ORDER LINK
INR payment methods: Razorpay(Cards, UPI, Netbanking, GooglePay etc), Stripe payments.

Thank you for reading.



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