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How to backup without using vps space?
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How to backup without using vps space?

RurikoRuriko Member

I have 400gb worth of files on my vps and I want to backup so I was gonna to zip it up & upload to but I'd need to double my space on my vps which I don't have. Is there a way to zip up or transfer to mega without using more space on the vps?


  • You can try tar | ssh or rsync with -z flag

  • blackblack Member

    webdav? Not sure of mega has that though :/

  • ATHKATHK Member
    edited April 2014

    I've used this ( a few times, does the trick well.

    No true syncing though.

  • gracagraca Member

    ask your vps provider for temporary space upgrade, usually they coming as addon, use it for 1-2 month, after that only backup the different/increment.

    better to clean up your data first, before backup, just to make sure you dont waste hdd space for unimportant stuff.

    Many times I ask my client to clean up their data, first and when they actually do it, usually you will suprise how many space they can saved

  • M_yM_y Member

    Mount a remote file system first(maybe webdav). Split your backup file while creating. For example:

    tar -cpj --exclude='backup.tar.bz2*' / | /usr/bin/split -d -b 200MiB - /mnt/backup/backup.tar.bz2.

  • n1kkon1kko Member

    Backupsy have good offers for backup servers ;)

  • DciteDcite Member

    If it's not 1 400GB file you are trying to backup, how about breaking it off into multiple pieces by only backing up certain directories at a time? Sure it doesn't give the same ease of use.. but at least you can upload it to a host that way without needing to double your space..
    Though the size of those pieces will depend on how much free space you have left?

  • 400gb use vps lol you willl abuse the server every time you running...go buy dedicated server

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