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What do you do with your LEB?
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What do you do with your LEB?

diffradiffra Member
edited September 2011 in General

Just curious what people generally do with their boxes? Looking at the 'how many do you have?' thread here got me scratching my head, so I figured I'd just ask.

Personally, I'm in transition, but basically, 1 128M ovz box that runs lighttpd and a mail server, and another 128M kvm box that i use for a shell with screen, mutt, irssi, etc.

How about you?



  • Urban Terror Servers, and a forum about it.
    A teamspeak server.
    Also, some blogs, and some sites for "clients".

  • Just a mail server and a small kvm vps with vserver inside it running a bouncer.

  • KuroKuro Member
    edited September 2011

    A few IRC servers, a pair of BNC servers, a pair of DNS servers, a pair of webservers (redundancy! :D ) , a mail server (no redundancy here yet :( ), a seedbox, a minecraft server, an XDCC server (yes people still use XDCC :P ), and a few other smallish things.

  • @Kuro you must be the dream customer of all VPS hosts (with your pair of IRC servers, seendboxes, etc...) ;-)

  • Node.js, DNS servers, backup servers

  • Mine keeps whacking away at @circus' bouncer. ONE OF THESE DAYS!! :)

    Not surprised about the xkdd server. Many files still start off in the irc chain before they wind up on the torrent and direct download sites.

  • GaryGary Member
    edited September 2011

    IRC server, IRC bouncers, web servers, "seedbox" (used for grabbing the occasional thing via bittorrent, not really for ratio building etc in the traditional sense of the word), development boxes for coding projects, FTP servers, data processing, backups, SSH tunnels, socks5 proxies...

    My needs change all the time, so roughly half my boxes are doing the same stuff all the time, and the other half get the OSes reimaged regularly and they get given a whole different task to do.

    edit: @drmike - I've never seen an XDCC rls group. I hope you're not getting XDCC mixed up with "the scene"...

  • NickMNickM Member
    edited September 2011

    Server 1 is for cheap shared hosting for a few people I know (using virtualmin), my personal website, DNS for all of my domains and an IRC server.

    Server 2 is for two websites related to a game I play.

    Server 3 is related to one of the game sites - it creates screenshots and serves them up via nginx.

    Server 4 is for secondary DNS.

    Server 5 is for development and monitoring the other servers.

    Server 6 is probably going to be canceled because I don't have much of a use for it, and it's the most expensive server I have (though the performance wasn't great).

  • @Gary I hope you mean SFTP/FTPS ;)

    @rds100 not a complaint yet :D

    XDCC is still a popular way of transferring files within the fansub communities, there are easily a few hundred+ XDCC servers still on

  • Ah true, I forgot about fansub stuff, I'm not into anime whatsoever.

    And of course, encrypted all the way.

  • dmmcintyre3dmmcintyre3 Member
    edited September 2011

    Hostigation 128MB KVM in SC: runs and, NS1 and outgoing mail, generates $85/month in ad income
    Hostigation 128MB KVM in LA: NS2, testing/development and ZNC
    SecureDragon 128MB Xen: Monitoring, NS3
    ChicagoVPS 2GB OVZ: 2 Minecraft servers
    Qualityservers Xen: UK proxy and NS4

  • luis123456luis123456 Member
    edited September 2011

    My VPS (Hostigation): Kloxo box, Testing

    Uptime VPS box #1: Kloxo VPS

    Uptime VPS box #2: Use not specified

  • xdcc is also used quite often for comics and books.

  • LongShotLongShot Member
    edited September 2011

    I run four Digital Paint Paintball 2 servers ( on a Hostigation 128 OVZ.

    I use a Hostigation Backup VPS sort of like Dropbox in addition to automatically backing up my game server. I keep portable Windows apps (Firefox, Thunderbird, EssentialPIM, LibreOffice, Aqua Data Studio, PuTTY, etc.) in a C:\Portable folder on my home computer (check out and I backup to my VPS with cwRsync through SSH, then update the same folder at work. The process is reversed at the end of the work day. This lets me use updated apps/data at home and work without carrying a USB drive or installing software on my work computer. I also produce an off-site backup each time I rsync.

    Just bought cheap annual VPSes from SpotVPS (Chicago) and UptimeVPS (Paris, FR). They will be used as a proxy server, munin and MySQL servers to track my game servers, maybe a couple of Europe-based game servers, and as my "sandbox."

  • If you take a look at my status page most of my servers are fairly self explanatory :P
    User is primarily used as a ZNC bouncer and test runs analytics and the status page :P

  • about 20 LEBs for private proxy use, some teamspeak servers and small sites that needed isolated hosting.

  • ZiggaZigga Member
    edited September 2011

    What ever the hell I feel like :p

    Got a few.

    128 box from BuyVM (master kloxo + ipv6 configured) $15/yr
    128 box (slave kloxo, french-DNS) $16/yr
    512 box from Citynethost (slave kloxo, egypt-DNS, backups) $30/yr
    200 box from Enssouth (sandbox, possible monitoring station, proxy) $26?/yr
    1gb+ box from VPSport (windows/sandbox) $6.99/mth (Hyper-V, definitely worth the $7)

    [All boxes are OpenVZ unless otherwise stated]

    Nothing mission critical, but must say I learnt some, and then some more!

  • I control and launch Rockets at the isrealis on my LEB.
    Seriously what do you think we do?
    Host websites/dns/games severs, of course not!

  • mainly for testing, grabbing more LEB for

    1). centmin nginx testing
    2). tungsten replicator based mysql replication - master/slave, master/master, parallel replication etc
    3). nginx/haproxy load balancing testing
    4). distributed file storage testing, glusterfs/nfs/csync2 etc etc

  • I do many things, but mainly for hosting websites and files.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I was using mine for a project I was starting up but had to focus all of my efforts on SD. :( I don't even know how many I have left anymore (except for because I'm constantly getting random e-mails about packet loss since it's setup to monitor some IPs for me).

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited September 2011

    Kuro said: there are easily a few hundred+ XDCC servers still on

    But that's hardly called popular. It's like 0.00...1 percentage in comparisation with as example torrenting. Far from mainstream, far from popularity. One, just one a bit more more popular movie with 60k torrent seeders/leechers simultaneously have more "users" than whole XDCC community in the world together.

    I explaining this because your unproper statement can be easily and wrongly used by those "no irc allowed" hosts... to prove their point. XDCC file sharing IS NOT popular way to share files. Not even 1% of file sharing population use XDCC and it's very limited. Limited to few (hundreds, not thousands and thousands..) enthusiasts which number means globally nothing in file sharing communities.

    My usage seems pretty much leb standard usage: irc bounchers, some channel bots, websites, backup of those vpses with my sites, few VPNes, some squid...
    Here I need to mention that I am very picky when it come to hosting a websites. While I don't care if some irc channel bot vanish here and there... I try to pick more reliable, long term vps hosts, to host my sites. I don't want to be bothered with migrations every few months and more or less I succeeded here.

    I tryed most worth to be mentioned LEB hosts and some of them I use over 3 years. Big numbers (a lot of resources for small price) do not impress me. More than this I prefer long term reliability, stability... something where many (but not all!) LEB featured hosts fail, even some of those more popular.

  • 1) log in
    2) free -m
    3) log out.
    No activity for 1 month until invoiced.
    4) pay invoice.
    5) loop process 1 to 5 until company kaput or change plans.

    Thanked by 4Liam Raymii debug yomero
  • @cosmicgate said: 1) log in

    2) free -m
    3) log out.
    No activity for 1 month until invoiced.
    4) pay invoice.
    5) loop process 1 to 5 until company kaput or change plans.

    I put top and shift+m on number 3. And then log out.

  • @cosmicgate said: 1) log in

    2) free -m
    3) log out.
    No activity for 1 month until invoiced.
    4) pay invoice.
    5) loop process 1 to 5 until company kaput or change plans.

    have you considered terminating your vps?

  • @OneTwo and replace with what - Methadone?

  • @rds100 said: @OneTwo and replace with what - Methadone?

    No.. but with new hair style..


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  • I have... probably a dozen VPSs, maybe more, but I only use a small number of them.

    My XenVZ 128MB 'dedicated' to my free email service. Having slight problems with outbound spam at the moment, but it's a speedy little box.
    Planning on working out a solution, without blocking 'high risk countries'.

    A Hostigation 128MB KVM is home to one of my url shorteners, and a game-server checking service I've setup.

    My Alvotech vServer is serving up 5 shoutcast streams in 192kb/sec MP3. Runs remarkably well, and I've had no complaints over the constant CPU usage.
    Also, they haven't complained over the bandwidth. Yay!

    My TinyKVM/RamHost box hosts my WHMCS install.
    Nice and speedy, zero downtime, and in the UK.

    My AlienVPS is my benchmark of 'how bad uptime can get'.
    Although, I might throw on a temporary TS server onto it, when necessary.

    My 3 MiniVPS VPSs are the ones where 'shit gets tested out'.
    Had a few problems with them in the past, so I tend to not use them for anything serious anymore.

    My 123Systems box has surprisingly good uptime according to UptimeRobot, so It's hosting some monitoring software for the rest of my VPSs.
    That being said, it's slow as anything, so monitoring is the limit of what I want to do.

    My InceptionHosting 64MB VPS was used for a VPN, turns out it was swapping to kingdom come, so I've decided to stop that for now >_> (Sorry Anthony)

    Another Hostigation 128MB KVM in Charlotte is my test setup for a game server panel I'm working on for SA:MP. Nice and nippy.

    I think those are my actively used boxes, I have another few here and there, trying to work out a use for a couple OpenVZs from BuyVM/Hostigation.

  • RophRoph Member
    edited April 2012

    Quickweb 384/512 OVZ Box I use for Piwik stats tracking for all of my sites combined, the traffic can get pretty heavy but it keeps up. Also runs 2 shoutcast streams every now and then. Since these two things take next to no disk space, I use the rest of the 20 gigs for automated database backups from my main server. At first I ran a TF2 server on this box, it worked well.

    MiniVPS 128MB OVZ is my download server, most people I ask to test from it get either their connection maxed out or 30mbit/s+

    BuyVM 128MB OVZ I'm currently just using for ZNC. It's very stable, been connected since I set it up during the last round of BuyVM sales with no hiccup :)

    I don't host any of my sites on any of my LEBs (unless you count the piwik install), I keep those on my ServInt VPS.

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  • I dig up old threads on LEB. ;)

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