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What do you do with your LEB? - Page 2
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What do you do with your LEB?



  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    BlueVM 64/128 OVZ ($9/year - $0.75/month)
    Hosting my blog with Blite - thanks to @sleddog

    BuyVM 256/512 OVZ ($3.50/month)
    OpenVPN, for watching Hulu and listening to Rdio. Shall be used to host small local companies and bands websites for nada.

    BuyVM 512/1025 OVZ ($5.95/month)
    Currently hosting a couple of personal sites. Got a Glype proxy on there for when I'm at college (YouTube > learning). PLENTY of free resources (using <200mb RAM currently)

    ChicagoVPS 2GB OVZ ($7/month)
    Currently hosting mum's e-commerce site, few other sites.. got lots of spare resources for when I need them :).

    Totals roughly $17 per month - which for me is £11. Was originally going to setup a server at home, and aside from the fact that'd be a good learning experience.. getting these VPS's instead is a hell of a lot cheaper, if only on electricity costs, without even considering buying the actual hardware D:.

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Patron Provider
    edited April 2012

    Some servers (VPS-Forge, RAM Host Atlanta) run lighttpd + php ( + mysql) and serve various projects of mine, some (RAM Host Atlanta/Kansas, BlueVM, VPS-Forge, Leaseweb) run leafs for my IRC network, nearly all of my servers run storage nodes for my Tahoe-LAFS storage grid, one of my RAM Host Atlanta servers runs a Git server, another of my RAM Host Atlanta servers (I have 2 in total) runs a status script that collects stats from all other servers, and my Cinfu VPS acts as a hub for various things.

    And some other assorted stuff spread out over them that I can't immediately recall. Most things are related to

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