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need a russian LEB for an hour - Page 2
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need a russian LEB for an hour



  • rm_rm_ Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Kopeyka is the smallest unit of currency in Russia, 1/100 of a Rouble; though coins are no longer minted afaik.

  • @alex said: is Steam client stupid enough that proxy would suffice? I thought proxy would forward only certain ports, what's the story here?

    Proxy won't work!
    Use RUSSIANPROXY.RU VPN service.
    It costs 25 rubles per day.

  • sorry, but they don't offer any civilised method of payment

  • Another Russian vps provider with one at a LEB price is
    I haven't tried it, I think there's only an old version of Gentoo available which
    is unsafe to update.

  • again - no paypal, no business

  • Until very recently paypal did not support sending money to Russia (i.e. people/companies in Russia could only pay with paypal, but not get payed). This is why you will have hard time finding a host in Russia where you can pay by paypal. Maybe this situation will change soon.

  • @alex said: sorry, but they don't offer any civilised method of payment

    Well, they do offer Paypal, Credit card and Webmoney.

  • Why not try Tor?

  • @tech163 said: Why not try Tor?

    Well, we have suggested a lot of things, even free things, but he refuses to use all of them u_u

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