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Pryan's AureAWorld
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Pryan's AureAWorld

PryanPryan Member

Im a 33 years old informatic that owns a company since 2 years ago. I was military and i got an insurance with i can maintain my company.
We own our datacenter and are low cost ( i only can spend 200 euro/month in my company ).
We have a 200Mbps speed and offer old hardware at incredible prices.
If you want know more please let me know. I give the URL of my company:



  • Did you get permission from staff to post this?

  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Host Rep

    @FlamesRunner said:
    Did you get permission from staff to post this?

    He needs a provider tag also correct?

  • PryanPryan Member

    i am new to LET but i have spoken with staff and they said: "at your own risk"
    Thanks for your posts. Pryan.

  • I guess they meant, go ahead as your probably be destroyed..

    I won't get started, however half of your site don't even seem to work, and you have 200Mbps as in external capacity?

    Thanked by 1GCat
  • What's a test IP for your data center?

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    Pryan said: i got an insurance with i can maintain my company

    Lost me there, sorry.

  • hawchawc Moderator, LIR

    That 200Mbps upload seems VERY premium.

    Thanked by 1inthecloudblog
  • AmitzAmitz Member
    edited July 2016

    What I said on IRC was:

    18:48 <[Amitz]> If you desire to get killed by people throwing stones - go ahead.

    That was meant as a warning, not as an encouragement. Apologies if I was not clear enough.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    WTF does "that if Mc Fly" mean.

    Thanked by 5Mathias Amitz hawc sin Pwner
  • hawchawc Moderator, LIR

    FYI: Host is running from a business line from an otherwise domestic ISP. 200Mbps is all hes got. AVOID.

  • IThinkUFailedIThinkUFailed Member
    edited July 2016

    18:43 HarryCross do you have a test IP?

    18:43 Pryan yes

    18:43 HarryCross what is it?

    18:43 Pryan (IP REMOVED)

    18:44 Pryan its a mine VPS

    18:44 HarryCross ITS IN YOUR FUCKING HOUSE

    18:45 Pryan> nope

    18:45 IThinkUFailed Jazztel is residential lol

    18:45 Pryan nope

    18:45 Pryan we got jazztel companies

    18:45 Pryan 200Mbps

    18:46 HarryCross so you got a business line from Jazztel

    18:46 Pryan yes

    18:46 IThinkUFailed a 200Mbps business line

    18:46 Pryan yes

    18:46 IThinkUFailed but you advertise 1Gbps backbone

    18:46 Pryan yeah, all our network is at 1Gbps

    We've been doing it wrong! 200Mbps is 1Gbps...

    (Edited due to formatting)

    Thanked by 2AshleyUk hawc
  • AmitzAmitz Member

    @jarland said:

    WTF does "that if Mc Fly" mean.

    Never seen 'Back to the Future?" ;-)

    Thanked by 2jar Kris
  • @Amitz said:

    @jarland said:

    WTF does "that if Mc Fly" mean.

    Never seen 'Back to the Future?" ;-)

    nope I have seen clips from the back to the future and still say that doesn't make sense lol.

  • PryanPryan Member

    the test IP is, its a VPS of mine. so its in my network and localization.

  • AshleyUkAshleyUk Member
    edited July 2016

    I wouldn't have done that, was a reason above person was nice enough to remove your IP..

    Still don't see how you can offer 1Gbps unmetered on a 200Mbps line, there is overselling and then dam crazy!

    Thanked by 1IThinkUFailed
  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    Come on now, you all wanted residential IP offerings to evade Netflix VPN bans...

  • MikePTMikePT Moderator, Patron Provider, Veteran

    Gigabit Network
    In AureAWorld all our servers have network gigabit connection and external to GigaBit
    Free unlimited traffic
    What we know to give you the quality that you need for your business projects both as personal websites
    Do not hesitate, join Giga

    OP should be banned due to misadvertising.

    Thanked by 1IThinkUFailed
  • RadiRadi Host Rep, Veteran

    You own your datacenter and can only spend 200 Euro/month on your company? :O

    Thanked by 2Rami MikePT
  • RamiRami Member
    edited July 2016

    @Pryan I'm sorry to say that you will not last here for long, Guys here will eat you alive

    Edit: and you shouldn't start a business with false info about your infrastructure

    Thanked by 1MikePT
  • Jesus Fucking Christ.

  • Beautiful

    Thanked by 2GCat netomx
  • PryanPryan Member

    thank you guys, i have lost my work ( im fired ) thanks to you. Thanks everybody.

  • @Pryan said:
    thank you guys, i have lost my work ( im fired ) thanks to you. Thanks everybody.

    You fired yourself? O.o

  • PryanPryan Member

    The people whom i rented the DC have broken the contract, im without anything. thanks.

  • hawchawc Moderator, LIR

    Well. This lasted long.

    Thanked by 1netomx
  • PryanPryan Member

    WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well according to Google Maps the "DC" address is a road with a tattoo parlour and a DIY shop. So I guess you mean a random room you was making use of someone's connection.

    When it comes to the online world, when someone says "at your own risk", they normally say that for a good reason.

    Thanked by 1Joery
  • BradNDBradND Member


  • @Pryan said:
    WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET can smell BS and we expose the truth using our special "lowend investigations" lol

  • EricBEricB Member


    Thanked by 2hawc Tom
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