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What's wrong with
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What's wrong with

seansean Member
edited February 2013 in General hasn't sold well since launch. It's here to stay and I'd like to improve conversion rates.

We want to know what it is putting people off. Is it the fact it's oversold? Is it the name? That we forbid so many services? We want to hear it all... be brutally honest.



  • Perhaps I should say... help us improve upon the site and you might win a free VPS for a month. I'll give away roughly 20 VPS.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited February 2013

    @sean said: Just to confirm btw there are still plenty of IPv4 left.

    It's nothing wrong with I think that some people didn't understand this part. Client can get and keep this VPS package with IPv4 actually as long as IPs are available so if you get it fast it will be IPv4 and IPv6 capable vps.

  • CVPS_ChrisCVPS_Chris Member, Patron Provider

    Everything is a joke. Now I want a free VPS please.

  • P.s. Yes, the website is designed to poke fun but we want to make it 100% clear that we're selling a real product. How can we do this?!

  • I just read your post, looked on the website and now i'm confused. Is this a joke like HostBluff or is it serious?

  • serious

  • @sean said: We want to know what it is putting people off.

    I don't need that high of resources regardless of what I do.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    @sean said: Yes, the website is designed to poke fun but we want to make it 100% clear that we're selling a real product.

    I think that's the mistake.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited February 2013

    @gsrdgrdghd said: I just read your post, looked on the website and now i'm confused. Is this a joke like HostBluff or is it serious?

    Here is LET offer:

    @jarland said: I think that's the mistake.

    To me that's good part. It makes it clear.

  • Well, the only way to find out is to buy one...

  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Host Rep

    I know it's ipv6 only but that will make it almost impossible to sell.

  • My 2 cent.

    No Support

    I'm not expecting much but if I want a VZdump after a few months I would like it.

    Management decision is final. We may terminate service without refund as we see fit if we feel you are abusing it.

    Define what abuse is.

  • @sean said: That we forbid so many services?

    I see this as a problem too. If I can only run websites, I'd just get shared hosting.

  • @dnom said: I see this as a problem too. If I can only run websites, I'd just get shared hosting.

    Hm, yes. We banned those services just to cut down on support. For example we always get people asking us to enable tun/tap when they can do so via our panel.

  • Change the name, it sounds like your going to run away.

  • To be honest, its the design. It feels so sketchy and it feels more like a scam than a good deal. Even if there's tons of reviews saying that is good and really reliable and cheap I would not go for it just because of this reason.

    I would improve the following:

    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Better info

    Good luck with sales.

  • I think the term "sold well" is relative to what OpenITC is selling at? One thing you need to keep in mind is everyone knows the brand OpenITC and it has been around for so long and people knows it is something solid.

    On the other hand, if I have not come to LET that often, as far as I am concerned, DireVPS is just a new VPS provider with zero reputation and zero credibility and offers a service at such a huge discount that normally only major providers could offer.

    And if you are comparing the conversion rate now versus the conversion rate when OpenITC has first started, bear in mind that the VPS market is a lot more crowded now and providers such as @prometeus, which is not based in UK but is close enough bit-wise, are offering very competitive pricing as well.

    My 2 cents: put openITC in your LET signature, put DireVPS there too, so that when Google index pages like this, it will pick up OpenITC and DireVPS and people would know they are the same company. And for the logo for DireVPS, you might want to say something like "DireVPS, an OpenITC company" :)

  • Thanks for all the comments so far. Keep them coming :)

    Someone already e-mailed in asking if the 1 IPv4 is permanent. Just to make it clear YES it is.

  • I looked at and saw:

    No Support
    No refunds

    Website looks Sketchy, you have to pay 10 Euro's for support a month, The FAQ is horrid, Can I run an Email server? If you have to ask probably no.

    pretty much sums up for me that I'm not going to buy.

  • The restrictions are a massive turn off for me, as has been said elsewhere in this discussion, I might as well just buy shared hosting as I cannot use DireVPS for anything else right?

    The site design is off putting. It looks like a child who is trying to make some money selling services from his basement. I understand it is a cheap and cheerful service, but the site doesn't need to look so bad.

    Marketing. I appreciate you are being honest, but that isn't going to sell to people. Potential customers will just go to one of your competitors that will offer the same prices for a "non-oversold" VPS. Of course we know that those will be oversold in reality, but they are covering that up - you aren't. The uninformed customer will believe the lie.

    It looks like a joke. Seriously.

    Finally, the risk that you can cancel the VPS for any reason (or no reason) at any time. This isn't needed. Put in place a policy against abusers for sure, but have a set procedure, and offer reassurance for people that won't abuse anything. At the moment we have no idea what could get us kicked off your service. For all we know, using over 40% of our resources could get us kicked.

    However one positive point - the lack of support does not bother me at all. I would gladly take the cheaper server without support.

    Hopefully this is useful....

  • Question: Can I use my VPS?
    Answer: If you have to ask, most likely not.

  • @sean Just do what you are doing. I have 2 3Gb VPSs which are idle 98% of the time with a well known provider but need some disk space. I might checkout your offer. I might as well get a 4GB one as well and get more diskspace. GetKVM did a 2GB + 2GB VSwap offer around Christmas. If he can so can you.
    The only problem is that transferring stuff to a new provider can be a pain in the ass which is why I generally prefer KVM

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    The problem is obvious: honesty :)

    People seem to like the illusion that they are getting something special, if you had not been completely honest and up front to the point that you have been and stuffed 90% of the info in the terms rather than on the main page like all the other ridiculously high resource for low money offers around here I suspect you would have sold out straight away.

  • I bet these are way better than many (most?) oversellers, might try one :)

  • @sean said: P.s. Yes, the website is designed to poke fun but we want to make it 100% clear that we're selling a real product. How can we do this?!

    Get a decent website?

  • Problem:
    "Oversold VPS"
    Give me a free vps?

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    +1 Anthony, many providers do the same but just don't advertise it like that..

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    I think you owe me a free VPS in exchange for wasting my time reading this ridiculous web site.

    "Carefully oversold OpenVZ"

    Great, but to me all I see is oversold which as an uninformed consumer I hear is bad.

    "N.B. Whilst this website is farce it sells a serious product.
    We cannot guarantee a Dire experience."

    +1 on using a grand old word like "whilst" but still, I assume this site is a joke and I certainly wouldn't send money to the people behind it.

    But hey, click Sign Up...wait, I'm alredy at step 3...

    4GB for 4 pounds/month? Oversold indeed.

    One nice thing is that there's no TOS for the service. The phrase "DireVPS" doesn't appear on the linked TOS, whereas a bunch of other companies do, so I assume no TOS.

    "But an OS reload did not solve my issue...

    You pretty much have two options here: Order support through our control panel or cancel your service. It's as simple as that."

    So you have an abuser, a network problem, a failed server, etc. and the only way I can find out what the cause of the problem is would be to pay 10 pounds to open a ticket?

    One nice thing is that my comments here will go to the top of Google PageRank. Let's make sure...

  • dire
    adj. dir·er, dir·est
    1. Warning of or having dreadful or terrible consequences; calamitous: a dire economic forecast; dire threats.
    2. Urgent; desperate: in dire need; dire poverty.

    Name choice might have a little bit to do with it. Like, if I launched Catastrophe Hosting tomorrow I really couldn't fault anymore for taking one look at the name, not purchasing and wondering what surprises will happen.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Just rename it to FluffyVPS.

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