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Do you accept Liberty Reserve?
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Do you accept Liberty Reserve?

RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep
edited February 2013 in General

I've had several clients asking about Liberty Reserve payments. Is it a good idea to accept them? What's the best way to tie into WHMCS? I appreciate all feedback.


  • We use to but stopped, leads to people using our VPS for outgoing DDoS and other bs abuse.

  • you'll get more Indians
    watch out

  • I don't really see the attraction of Liberty Reserve. We already offer Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Simple Pay, and credit cards via Stripe.... what would we gain from Liberty Reserve?

  • RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep

    @Damian A few clients demand it on our end, there is no other advantage.

  • EGI considered it at one-time, but were advised that it would attract more abuse, which is not worth it.

  • Yes, WHMcs supports it out of the box. Had several abuse on cheapest package, but never on anything higher so its wort it for us.

  • There are many people faking identities and I can understand that, but police doesnt. However, being able to give them a CC or paypal account is somehow easing the situation.
    The abuse is not worth it for higher packages or yearlies as the transactions cant be reversed.

  • DewlanceVPSDewlanceVPS Member, Host Rep

    We accept Liberty Reserve and its a really good payment gateway.

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