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Looking for yearly "proxy" vps in US
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Looking for yearly "proxy" vps in US

YellowSlothYellowSloth Member
edited February 2013 in General

As the title states, I am looking for an offer. I require any kind of VPS located in the US for accessing some US-only websites. I just need as much disk space as to hold the OS (perhaps just a GB or so for a minimal Debian?) The CPU must be just enough to handle the data stream through the VPS. I require about 50mbit of speed, but it is not likely that I will ever reach that. (It has to be decent, though, so I expect to reach 20mbit on average if I make use of it.) I'll be fine with a 20GB a month cap. For ram I don't need much either, 64MB would be plenty. Oh, and an IPv4 would be nice.

Who can make me a nice yearly-priced offer?

So in short:

64MB ram
Servers located in the US

Thanks in advance :)


  • BuyVM and SecureDragon.

  • SecureDragon

  • Hey @YellowSloth

    I'll make an assumption that you're from the EU, since you have a .re domain name :)

    Generally, most things on the East Coast should work fine for you. I've personally used Hostigation's North Carolina location as well as RamNode in Atlanta - Both are pretty awesome.

    It might, however, be more economical to spin up a DigitalOcean droplet whenever you need access. If you only need it for 6 hours a month, then it'll only cost $0.01* 6 per month :)

  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Host Rep

    If you are in Europe I could probably do a nice yearly deal in Choopa NJ. I'll pm you.

  • $1 per month for the Budget-96mb plan here:

    Hosted in Buffalo, NY, USA. Transit would probably be through Telia for you.I could set it to yearly for you, too.

    Comes with a 7 day trial period too, so if you don't like it for whatever reason, you can get your money back.

  • We can do this for $16/year @ Internap Texas with Interap optimized bandwidth.

    Order here:

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