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HOWTO: Speed your transfer out of
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HOWTO: Speed your transfer out of

Like a lot of people, I moved domains during NameCheap's $3.98 offer yesterday.

Most of mine came from, which I like as a registrar. But $10 vs. $3.98...

When you initiate the transfer, you'll get an email from IBS saying it'll be processed in 5 days. But why wait? They used to have a "approve immediately" web page, but I couldn't find it. However, you can accelerate your transfer away by using their API.

You'll need to enable the API here:

Note that you'll need to specify an IP to trust...hopefully you have, oh I don't know, a LEB or something...

Then you can use a crude script like this. Note that the password is your normal password for logging into InternetBS. If you use two-factor, it doesn't play a role in API operations.


for domain in domains:


wget -O - $url


Obviously the output could be prettier, and this is not a great example of professional programming. But if you're just trying to accelerate a transfer, it works.

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  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Host Rep

    You can also just email their support asking them to approve it and it will go out the same day.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    Awmusic12635 said: You can also just email their support asking them to approve it and it will go out the same day.

    Yeah, that was not my experience :-( Emailed same day and as of this morning haven't seen a response yet. I suspect they're swamped.

    Moving IBS->NameCheap my experience is that after approving with the API, there's then a 15-30 minute wait before NameCheap refreshes the status (even if you manually refresh) as I imagine they're swamped, too :-)

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