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VoIP vps
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VoIP vps

Hello all I am currently looking to switch my vps provider as the uptime as of late has been horrible.

I will be running a team speak server I need 3tb transfer minimum 1gig of ram minimum and 1vcpu minimum I am currently paying 30 a year for that and I do not mind spending a little bit more I would prefer a provider on the east coast if at all possible. My main concern is that the ToS allows team speak and it has a history of good uptimes

I am currently typing this on my phone I apologize for any mistakes.


  • Why do you need such high requirements for a team speak server?

  • @TheOnlyDK said:
    Why do you need such high requirements for a team speak server?

    I currently have 600 - 800 users connecting at any point in time now RAM requirements might be a little high but I feel strongly that as of right now I'm using 512 of the 1 gig I have now so I still have room to grow. As for the transfer I'm using close to 1.5 2 Tb right now

  • TheGame said: 600 - 800 users

    Then you should probably think about a DDoS Protection, if you got "enemies" out there, as I guess it's gaming related?

  • TheOnlyDKTheOnlyDK Member
    edited January 2016

    If your server is that big, then I suggest you find some "premium" hosts with a awesome SLA uptime guarantee, and better yet some ddos protection. I don't think it worth saving $50 a year and having the server go down once a week or something due to various of reasons.

    Edit: Take a look at, though not sure about the ddos protection part (and pricing will not be at $30 a year, even with promos). Or, but ddos protection is extra per month (and I think the monthly price won't be low either).

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