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SpamAssassin Russian P Spam
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SpamAssassin Russian P Spam


Last few days I got A LOT (20 mails an hour) of spam coming in from They are using random e-mail adresses. Typically the sender is called Anna, Katya or Alena.

The subject is about 'Look at my naked pictures', 'Look at my Russian p***y' and such.

These mails are not seen as spam by SpamAssassim. How to tell the server this is actually spam? Any quick fix?



  • Look at the full mail headers and see which IPs are sending the messages to your mail server.

  • NyrNyr Member, Community Contributor

    You can drop the domain at your border or use Bayesian filters to train SA for a more long-term solution.

  • Nyr said: You can drop the domain . . .

    In fact I'm curious what the OP is getting from that would cause him to not filter them out. ;)

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  • @ole_juul Was thinking the same thing!

  • simonindiasimonindia Member
    edited December 2015

    @DennisdeWit @jarland is has some great insight on to how to deal with spam

    Edit :DennisdeWit jarland may have some great insight on to how to deal with the spam

  • rm_rm_ Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Post full e-mail headers here (you don't need to protect the spammers "anonymity" anyway) and you might get some ideas on how to block.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    @simonindia said:
    DennisdeWit jarland is has some great insight on to how to deal with spam

    Russian spam has been tough for me, admittedly.

  • jarland said: Russian spam

    Yes, that's the tough one. They're not necessary Russian, there are people from around the world who have Russian server that can do spam.

  • is still there offering mail order brides. They've been around forever. Some of them must be getting pretty old by now.

  • All the mails contain 'pussy' or 'luckydating'. So I decided to write a rule;

    header LUCKYDATING_SUBJECT  Subject =~ /\bpussy\b/i

    The server is configured to smash everything with a score higher than 10 in the trashcan.

  • You will no longer receive updates from yoiur favorite cat forum and appointments on your lucky calendar.

    DennisdeWit said: All the mails contain 'pussy' or 'luckydating'

  • @jarland said:
    Russian spam has been tough for me, admittedly.

    It took 12-15 "feeding" of that wave samples to Dspam to make it recognize and mark that spam with approx. 99.99% precision.

    A better tool, compared to SA. Strictly MNSHO.

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