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Networking primers
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Networking primers

edited December 2012 in General

We've generally relied on network engineers/third parties to design and manage our network and although we will continue to do so I personally am keen to learn more about what is going on. Where's the best place to get started for the kind of networking a typical colo customer would want to know, from the basics up to more advanced aspects. I feel I know various aspects, but know there are gaps at all levels.


  • Maybe some basic networking classes at your community college

    The one nearby has basic Cisco classes

  • Just to update, in my search for some resources I came across:

    This seems to be a really good resource for all things. Many of the examples are based on quite small networks, but all the principals are there.

    There's also a book/e-book if people wish to support the author.

  • To understand network technology basics (and for general reference), I suggest the latest (5th) edition of Computer Networks, ISBN 0132126958 . If you are more interested in the practical, real-life networking concepts, you can skip directly to chapter 5 and 7. Cisco courseware and textbooks are good, but more focused on the implementation side.

  • @bamn - you must mean the 4 basic Cisco Academy courses at SPC Epicenter? Those are actually not bad depending on who you get...

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