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TV Shows
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TV Shows

N_SerianN_Serian Member
edited December 2012 in General

What TV shows do you watch most frequently?

For me the only TV shows I frequently watch are Breaking Bad (my favorite) and The Big Bang Theory. Share yours!



  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    Jersey Shore, The Real World, Gossip Girl

  • HalfEatenPieHalfEatenPie Member
    edited December 2012

    I heard Breaking Bad is really good (never really got into it).

    How I met Your Mother and Sons of Anarchy for me (two totally different genres I know)

  • doctor who.. bonanza, full house (older shows) :)

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

    Lately - nothing. However this summer - House M.D., Once upon a time, Teen wolf, The vampire diaries, Fringe and a couple of more tv series.

    I actually download them, don't watch on the TV, but it should still count.

  • Retarded TV ("reality") has ruined everything.

    I avoid the TV like the tax man

  • RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep

    Shark Tank

  • Community

  • NCIS

  • +1

  • Flashpoint

    btw, will you guys start watching the TV shows from season 1?

  • Big Bang Theory

  • Fringe

  • MLP FiM Season 1 and 2 were great, Season 3 was terrible.

  • HassanHassan Member, Patron Provider

    @N_Serian said: For me the only TV shows I frequently watch are Breaking Bad (my favorite) and The Big Bang Theory. Share yours!

    I recently finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad, I fucking love this series. My favorite show is Prison Break though. If anybody here hasn't watched it yet you should hop on netflix and watch it ASAP. It's amazing.

  • Flashpoint - Show just ended :(
    Sharks Tank
    Dragons Den
    Walking Dead
    Undercover Boss

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    As many others have said.. big fan of Breaking Bad, on the third series atm. Thinking I might start on prison break after watching another few series of breaking bad. Heard good things about Dexter though.

  • Modern Family

    Come one people, I'm a little disappointed after 20 posts, not one mention... ;)

  • ryanarpryanarp Member, Patron Provider

    Walking Dead
    The Big Bang Theory

  • I don't have a T.V.


    But, I sometimes stream TBBT.

  • Breaking bad, misfits, American horror story for me ATM

  • I'm currently watching The Walking Dead from Netflix. Too bad Netflix only has 2 seasons on it. And it isn't on our tv here.

    Torrents here I come

    Ohh yeah, House is also interresting when I get the change to download it. Not on Netflix and not on the tv here.

  • Shark Tank
    Dragons Den
    Gold Rush
    Jungle Gold (cancelled)
    Auction Hunters
    Family Guy
    Celebrity juice
    Russell Howard's Good News

  • Please change to offtopic.

    I don't watch on my TV. Normally on my PC.

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Patron Provider

    Leverage, Restaurant Impossible, Revolution, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, and whatever Derren Brown puts out :)

    I watch all of them via my computer, though - I don't even have a cable/digital TV subscription.

  • @Damian

    "I'll make a GUI in Visual Basic and see if I can track his IP address."

  • I'm not a TV person, so I don't really watch every episodes. But whenever I turned TV (got cable subscription) and these following are being aired. I'll definitely watching.

    good ol' Law and Order
    House, M.D.
    CSI (any version)
    Bing Bang Theory
    Once upon a time Dexter.

  • Anyone watch suits on dave? Looks pretty good.

  • Big Bang Theory is terrible!

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