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Anyone used VortexVPS?
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Anyone used VortexVPS?

RurikoRuriko Member
edited December 2012 in Providers

Has anyone used ? their windows vps plans are quite cheap and I'm tempted to buy but I can't find any reviews on them :(



  • There is a listing on LEB about them here, not much comments/information though:

  • The page is a mess, where to start?

    Plans start at $3.95 but there's not a $3.95 plan - $3.50 and $4.50 are the lowest plans. Did someone even bother to look over this site?

    SpeedyVDS acquires Vortex VPS.. who both have domain names roughly the same age?

    "Here are 4 out of 7 reasons why you should choose" but on this Vortex VPS page? Is this a lesson about how to brand yourself poorly and unable for your brand to have it's own identity when different company/brand names conflict on the same page?

    "Let your business turbulently flow with the speed of..."

    Since when is a Service Level Agreement known as a Service Legal Agreement?

  • lzplzp Member
    edited December 2012

    There are too many spelling and grammar errors to bother to mention.

    Obviously one guy trying to get traffic through multiple domains and using a lot of copy/pasting.

  • Guess I won't bother buying from them since they haven't professional made their website

  • @bamn said: "Let your business turbulently flow with the speed of..."

    Oh my god hahah..

  • Same company that limited the bandwidth of their test files at one point.

  • @mojeda said: Same company that limited the bandwidth of their test files at one point.

    I saw that thread and the previous guy promoting the service has not been active since that thread. Now speedygroup is promoting the website on their signature over the past few days. My guess is meeting the requirements to make their first post which should be a wonderful source of amusement because the previous guy's statement was "we have capital and investments, in here for a long time" - BAM.. "sold"

  • I am concerned.


  • @vps6net said: I am concerned.

    I couldn't help myself but to laugh at that. :þ

  • @vps6net said: I am concerned.

    Copying and pasting is the sincerest form of flattery?

  • TommehMTommehM Member
    edited December 2012

    SpeedyVDS Pty Ltd
    ACN: 161 321 848
    Level 18 40 Bank Street
    (HQ3) Canary Wharf
    London E14 5NR
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 020 3393 3990
    Fax:020 3004 1146
    Email:[email protected]

    I ran a check on CompaniesHouse and "SpeedyVDS" does not exist...

  • @TommehM said: I ran a check on CompaniesHouse and "SpeedyVDS" does not exist...

    I was under the assumption they were Australian!

  • IshaqIshaq Member
    edited December 2012

    I believe they are a new host? I'm not sure. They had a different design before.

  • TommehMTommehM Member
    edited December 2012

    @bamn said: I was under the assumption they were Australian!

    The UK address made think they were UK registered.

  • hacked?

  • @TommehM said: The UK address made think they were UK registered.

    Virtual offices or even the Mailboxes To Go are common for business registrations.

    MTG or even Fedex Stores will allow you to use their physical address and not the obvious PO BOX XXXX with US Post Office PO boxes.

  • Yeah legit business based on stolen bricks .

  • PatrickPatrick Member
    edited December 2012

    @speedygroup said: We are not a Snel rip, and our website has very little similarities.

    That made me laugh, you rip content and style from VPS6 and Snel

  • @speedygroup Really? I can't even tell the difference between Snel's site and yours..

  • Blah blah. Silence is the sign of agreement.

  • Did I complain about your service? No. Did I talk about what publicly visible?Yes.
    Should I talk to you personally? Nope cause you lie in public.
    Just because you bought a company that barely profits 200$/mo , don't think you are a big shot.

  • Right...


  • I don't care

  • @mojeda thank you for making that, I had the same idea, just didn't want to spend the time hehe. They do look VERY similar, I don't see how you could not think so.

  • Is that why the side icons are basically at the same level and same order.

    Your social icons are also the same and in the same order, by the way they don't work.

    We aren't idiots, yours is essentially a rip and then a little bit of color and image customization but otherwise it's the exact same.

    Your contact section in the middle is the exact same order and general size.

    "Here are 4 out 7 reasons" vs. "Here are 4 out of 10 reasons"

    Recent blog posts and Customer reviews.

    The home icon in the navbar looks the exact same, yours is just resized.

  • @speedygroup said: I'm going to end this now, as you all same to just pick on people that have more then you, or because there a threat to you.

    I'm not a VPS host so I'm not sure how you are a threat to me or you have more than me.

  • vps6netvps6net Member
    edited December 2012

    @kirsti Could you kindly remove the explicit references on your website to, or provide a personal email address where I can reach you to discuss the infringement?

    These include:

    • Use code DOUBLEMYVPS6
    • Phrase: These are our promises to you. For details, please see our Service Level Agreement
    • Phrase: Our library of pre-built Linux templates puts nearly infinite possibilities at your fingertips

    Reference: (and other pages.)

    Plagiarism is a very serious offense. I was hoping to see these issues repaired by now without needing to point them out, but they have not been.

  • @vps6net Wow, didn't notice that. Literally word for word..

  • You stole that design. Stop sugar coating. About vortex, i said profit. Not income.image

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