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Hosts that allowed torrents/Seedbox
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Hosts that allowed torrents/Seedbox

xprotoceptxprotocept Member
edited August 2011 in General


I'm looking a for host that does allowed seedbox

Hope u guys know a few



  • Mostly all does as long as the content is legal. If you are looking to torrent illegal content then I recommend EvoBoxes, but they don't belong in LEB category.

  • Any other hosts?

    I only need around 25GB HDD and 512MB ram

  • hmm buyvm I think?

  • @vampireJ: If content is illegal, BuyVM is not an option.

  • iKocka said: @vampireJ: If content is illegal, BuyVM is not an option.

    Nah just share your loot with the admins

  • Try AlienVPS / Cripperz / Directspace.

    If you want to use it for legal file sharing, probably other providers will also allow you. You have to ask them.

    Use console based torrent clients to avoid overloading your box.

  • Choosed for Directspace

  • @justinb: Hahaha :D

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    We don't really care about users torrenting.

    Good luck with DSN, you'll need it. We've had a half dozen+ users come to us from them in the past week all singing the same tune.


  • Any more hosts that allowed torrents?

    DSN is a bit far away ping 175+ (Picked best location)

    Might go to BuyVM

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    If you're in Europe you'll be about 160ms to us as well alas.


  • @Fransisco

    If much of your VPS use torrent, how can you maintain quality of your service?
    AFAIK, torrent is not friendly for bandwidth and disk IO.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Another piece of the pony riddle eh? :) How do they allow high resource services and yet still keep 150MB/sec+ write speeds to the disk.



  • Just bought the 512MB Plan from BuyVM :)

    Waiting for activation now -.-

  • iKockaiKocka Member
    edited August 2011

    @Francisco: Would like to see how you "don't care about users torrenting" when you get DMCA notice.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    @ikocka - We get next to none on our ARIN IP's and the ones we do get are usually for VPN's and crap like that :) We're a canadian company so the majority of people that would DMCA don't bother over it. We don't have time to go tracking down some user that wanted the latest house episode because he missed it on TV that night :P

    The US ip's owned by HE get handled as they should (sent to the customer), but even then we aren't going to waste our time tracking it around.


  • @Francisco

    How long does setup usually takes?

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Few hours depending on if you give accurate account details or not :)

    Giving false details means you'll have to talk to Aldryic where as accurate details means it'll likely get approved pretty quick.


  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited August 2011

    We talked about this at some length on the old forums:

    all singing the same tune

    Row row row your boat?

    edit: typos fixed

  • i think people use kimsufi/ovh dedi for seedbox

  • i think people use kimsufi/ovh dedi for seedbox

    I believe we're talking about VPS providers though. And not everybody is in a position to order a ovh box.

  • Let me get this clear.. We can host illegal torrents on BuyVM as long as it's on a Canadian IP? What? Sorry I didn't get it straight.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    torrents aren't illegal in Canada and they have to deal with a Canadian company when issuing DMCA's :) To be perfectly honest the only addresses we get DMCA's over is the HE space we have, and when those happen the user is informed/etc


  • In other words, if you can get away with it....

  • See, now I need to get one of those Canadian IPs that no one wanted because they were doing VPNs.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    I would avoid DirectSpace at all costs. Many outages, and they were hacked last year and lots of VPS nodes were destroyed. And as a bonus, they have crappy network.

    I'd be the first to use them if they were passable, since their DC is only about 10 miles from me, but...

  • @Soylent said: See, now I need to get one of those Canadian IPs that no one wanted because they were doing VPNs.

    Huh what?

  • @Damian said: Huh what?

    People wanted US addresses to acces Netflix and the like, but BuyVM usually provided addresses geo-located in Canada.

  • I asked for one last month only to be told 'no'. Slightly gutted actually as all my torrent boxes were originally geo-located in Canada. That said, I'm only seeding unlicensed anime fan-subs, so I'm not too fussed.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    @rgenzon said: Let me get this clear.. We can host illegal torrents on BuyVM as long as it's on a Canadian IP? What? Sorry I didn't get it straight.

    We rarely get DMCA's and most of the time they're not even accurate. How do we know what a user is downloading? Our privacy policy forbids us from entering a users container/VM without permission from them.

    The US/CA thing was because we used to have IP space from hurricane electric and they used to complain when people would snag shows. Most of the DMCA people don't even bother when they start getting canadian details.

    DMCA's are a pain in the butt and assuming the user isn't flat out sharing the movies over a public HTTP or as some big warez dump we aren't going to spend our time policing 24/7.

    Here's a fun case. [email protected] gets a DMCA for some user downloading a TV episode of whatever. Client got suspended right away since they were on HE IP space. Told the client it either went as a strike against them or they would have to let us skim their VM. Client clears us scanning the VM 100% since they claim they didn't do anything. We login, poke around and find exactly nothing.


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