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IPv6 /64 help needed
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IPv6 /64 help needed

BlazeMuisBlazeMuis Member
edited November 2012 in General


With my kimsufi i got a /64 IPv6 block
Now the question i have is, i would like to use one of these adresses, how can i do that?

when i type ifconfig i see this at inet6 addr: fe80::xxx:xxxx:xxxx:159e/64

So.. How can i use one of those?


  • How do you mean use?

  • fe80:: are link-local addresses, you can't use them to connect to/from the internet.

  • @Ishaq

    Bind it to a program, say a webserver.

  • For example, i want a IPv6 only website, can i then add fe80::xxx:xxxx:xxxx:159e:1000 as the IPv6 to Apache webserver?

  • kbeeziekbeezie Member
    edited November 2012

    @joodle fe80:: are link-local, they're the same as, not public accessible IP, if you were given a /64 block you need to set it up on your VPS so that at least the first address is auto-configured, from there depending on your operating system, you can create more aliases (or in some cases simply bind it to software). But you still need to have the initial+gateway/route set up first.

  • @kbeezie thanks man... and erm... nice font size -.-

  • @joodle it was a typo using the hashtag instead of at symbol :P lol.

  • What operating system are you using, and did they assign you a range/gateway addresses in email?

  • I'm using Debian 6.0 64

    and they gave me this: IPv6: 2001:41d0:2:091d::/64

  • kbeeziekbeezie Member
    edited November 2012

    Well I know CentOS in my /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 I have



    Basically marking the first address + gateway. (the :: is just a filler for segments that are just zero filled, but some configurations require full addresses). Similar setup in FreeBSD.

    Far as Debian 6 goes, Google is your friend :

    You may have to restart it if they assigned it to you recently and you haven't restarted yet.

  • Yeah, i used this: ifconfig eth0:1 2001:41d0:2:091d::1337 up
    And that seems to work

  • kbeeziekbeezie Member
    edited November 2012

    can you ping6 it from elsehwhere? or able to ping6 from inside the VPS? If not then you need to configure the default gateway (usually :1 of the block).

    Edit: I can ping 2001:41d0:2:091d::1337 from one of my other servers (~111ms)

  • Yeah, i can ping it, i can also ping the IPv6 adress of the Server from my pc

  • The translation is a little dodgy but this should get you up and running:

  • OVH's knowledgebase has a setup guide on it, which @abat linked.

    That's the proper way to do this.

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