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LimeStone strikes again? - Page 3
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LimeStone strikes again?



  • Anyone notice the opt out line at the bottom? Reply back, opt out and move on...No need to make a big deal out of it.

  • AshAsh Member

    Technically, it is spam. The opt-out is worthless if people didn't opt-in. That said, personally i'd just delete it a move on with my day.

    If these mails genuinely disturb you, go through the proper channels of reporting it for what it is .. Unsolicited commercial email. If not, move on.

  • End of the day; this is unsolicited mail; something that you didnt sign up for and they're trawling sites to find out your information, your fault for putting your e-mail on the public domain to start with however.

    LSN are just doing what any other business would do; outreach to other companies to get sales. They would focus on businesses that are "new" or "junior" to try and attract long-term customers.

    Personally I would be happy if I receive this sort of e-mail; if it was much more personalised and possibly opened up a conversation doorway; however getting a generic e-mail with a customised header... That's just a piss take LSN.

    They've implemented their "opt out" which is good' but they shouldnt be sending them in the first place if they didnt have the right to go solicit their wares to you.

    This is similar to door salesmen, as they approach you without consent, however in a digital world, you have a choice to ignore one e-mail.

    If you don't wish to receive this sort of junk, there's always filters.

  • I see absolutely nothing wrong with that mail, he's basically asking for your permission to offer you a few things from his company.

    Just reply back with a no and it'll end there, hopefully. No need for shitstorms.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran
    edited October 2012

    I think a few things here are not in contention.
    One is that the mail is spam. It is spam in the sense that was unsolicited by someone who never had a business relation with the sender and that is, somewhat, the basic definition of spam.
    OK, it cannot compare with blue pills offerings, it is a bit customised, can be unsubscribed with some trouble, but it wasnt subscribed, it should not need an unsubscribe link since it should be a one-off affair and the email auto-removed from the DB in the first place after sending, a reputable host does not buy email lists nor runs crawlers to harvest them.
    I think that nobody can contest these basic facts.
    There are much worse cases out there, agreed, the world is full of spam, agreed, but it is like saying that stealing a chicken because you were hungry is legal because the banks are stealing your house.
    It is still illegal and it is still unacceptable from a reputable host, can only lower the reputation of said host in the end, not raise it.
    That being said, it is not worth the trouble to open threads at each case of mild spam we get, even if it is from Microsoft.
    But, again, LSN earned a special attention here due to that DMCA notice, so, I can see where this comes from.

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