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LimeStone strikes again? - Page 2
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LimeStone strikes again?



  • Like I said on why. For me it is over. I know @Chief is still perturbed but I think we should move on. The first time they made a big mistake, and hopefully they learned from it.

  • @Zen I think that they are loosing allot of business to other data centers. I guess working on their "people skills" and not nickel-and-dimming clients for every little thing (e.g. $35 for 24 hour IPKVM lease) would go a long way in keeping their existing customers and maybe even getting some new ones. Not sending out that DMCA request would have helped their image as well. Of course, this is just my two cents.

  • The only problem I have with this one is where did they get his email?

    As kris said they did not use a purchased list or scrape let!

  • @Jack Yep, sure is. At PNAP I have some servers that are IPMI capable, but they aren't hooked up yet. At least they provide me with an IPKVM on request when I need one ASAP. Sure, it's awesome when I can just have it there all the time (IPMI). But $35 / day or $5 / hour is right down highway robbery.
    @24khost Well considering that and the Avante incident, I'm pretty sure that @Chief is upset and for good reason. He provides all of this (forum, lowendbox, lowendnetwork) as a free service to the public. People should know better before making threats because the law is on his side.

  • Our emails are on our sites, but deeming that the part of the company he sent isn't ranked high at all on Google, he must of done a LOT of searching to get to us.

    Which I would assume means we're probably the xxx or xxxx person he has contacted.

  • Another thought is if your limestone don't you think you tell your sales men to stay away from let providers?

  • @Jack don't disagree. That was more of a business thought after the fiasco.

  • lele0108lele0108 Member
    edited October 2012


    --edit sent via pm--

  • @Zen I genuinely looked at their E5 Hexa Core line more than once, then the incident with the DMCA happened. Considering how difficult their sales process is, the lack of interest on the part of their staff to get new customers (took 4 live chats to get a quote emailed to me), I don't think that I would ever risk leasing servers from them. I have learned that in my own business: first impressions are everything, you don't get a chance to convince a customer the second time around that your services are worth their time or money.

  • I consider such a email spam.

    Saying that spam is something involving lots of other recipients receiving the same email is true in a pure definition sense. Probably are others receiving the same form email.

    As a recipient I don't care though. When I see stuff like this and haven't spoke to the sender in the past and recognize why they should emailing me, I consider it spam. I don't contact the internet to determine if others received it.

    If we were so liberal about bothersome sales slugs in other ways you'd have your phone ringing dozens of times a day for no good reason and bunches of random folks at your front door.

    Sales is a necessary part of a business.

    That's why sales people are known for being schmoozers and fostering however convenient relationships and amassing big contact databases. That's what the sales folks at LimeStone should be doing.

  • lele0108lele0108 Member
    edited October 2012

    @Jack said: Now what I consider as spam is some ****head spamming me via PM.

    Hey, you asked for it two lines up.

    When? I haven't had a PM should I expect a nice paragraph from you then?

    Trying to get attention much?

  • TazTaz Member


  • @Jack, that's funny that @lele0108 PM ;) Be nice @lele0108

    Come on though @Jack, we know you like LimeStone you use their facility, right?

  • lele0108lele0108 Member
    edited October 2012

    @Jack said: Say's the one making the thread hmm..

    Which tottaly means you get to bash me about trying to grab attention, and then doing it yourself.

    Mitt Romney Style.

  • @Jack said: Do you have any record of these? I am sure the head of sales there would love to know who's not doing there Job correctly.

    Took a quick look with Firebug at their website code and it looks like they are using Olark for live chat. They've set it so that it won't email the customer a transcript when the chat ends and I didn't copy/paste the conversation. I am not out to blame them for anything, I was just sharing my pre-sales experience with you guys.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    Well, it's only spam if its not personally targeted and sent with specific intention, in my opinion. I've never gotten emails from them. Reaching out to people to try to do business with them is by no means new and certainly predates the Internet.

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  • marcmmarcm Member
    edited October 2012

    @jarland I guess that they only reach out to companies that they think will buy a medium to large volume of servers from them. I don't know about you, but I guess I'm to small to matter ;)

    @Zen I agree. I am a simple person, so if my money is not good enough for one business, then I'm pretty sure someone else will take it. I'll just stay where I'm at until some more money rolls in and I can colo at Lenoir, Charlotte or Atlanta. They are all close by for me :)

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  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    I guess I'm not important enough to be spammed by LSN :sniff:

  • marcmmarcm Member
    edited October 2012

    @Nick_A No you're not :P - just joking of course

  • LSN has been doing that for awhile now, they are not a bad company at all, they offer great support. They just need to stop doing this.

  • This is consider as spam, its just like those email asking you to send some money to africa.

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    @Jack that's kinda irrelevant. They're contacting people who haven't been asked to be contacted. I'd understand if it was only ever done when they seriously reallllly want a clients business, or if they've been in touch with the company before... but randomly approaching numerous companies with almost exactly the same offer is a little extreme.

    In regards to ServerBear and doing similar things, I consider that to be fine as it's simply allowing the hosts to get their name out there even more, and to provide more information on their services, all for free of charge.

    LSN, whilst being a good company, really need to stop this.. even with an opt-out, I'm pretty sure nobody opted-in in the first place.

  • RandyRandy Member
    edited October 2012

    The people who got those email doesn't even use LSN or did not even agree to get spammed by them. So that does not give them any right to spam others. Even if there is an option to opt-out

  • @Randy said: The people who got those email doesn't even use LSN or did not even agree to get spammed by them. Sp that does not give them any right to spam others. Even if there is an option to opt-out

    No, this is simply cold calling. It's the same as what ColoCrossing has done in the past, but at least they bother to send it to the right people, not like other companies who just spam a generic email list.

  • Well atleast they stopped right?

  • @Boltersdriveer said: LSN sent it to 24k in the past, this time they're contact @lele0108 from a different company. Don't see anything wrong with it, furthermore they added the opt out function.

    @24khost said: Hey they added the opt out now. Tis no longer spam.

    Well, an opt out option is they provide you a link, and when you click on that link, you will never receive any (spam) email from them, ever.

    In this case, you have to respond to them with email said: "Opt out" or something like that :D

    Well, I know a trick that most spammer in Viet Nam use, they will provide an opt out link, when you click on it, you will not opt out and they will know you are a real person and keep your email address and you will receive a lot of spam emails later :D Hope LSN doesn't use that trick :P

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  • LOL cool stuff @giang

  • @Randy said: LOL cool stuff @giang

    Thanks, we got a huge forum to discuss how to protect us from spammer and even the admin of this forum sold his member details...

    I'm using Gmail, and the best thing I could do when getting spam is "Mark as phising" =) Click on opt out link seems useless.

  • Spammers wont let you opt out, thats for sure ;-)

  • Limestone has been doing it for years. Mine was received back on the week of 10-10-10. Discard it and move on, or forward it to someone like Spamcop and see what happens.

    As long as they sucker someone in, they'll keep doing it.

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