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Free Domain Names?
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Free Domain Names?

gibstergibster Member

Hi all,
Just wondering if y'all know any places where I could get a free domain name? I know about FreeNom and their subsidiaries, And also stuff like however that is not a TLD, that's a sub domain. I'm writing an article for those who want to get a website for personal use.
Many thanks


  • TheKillerTheKiller Member
    edited May 2015

    Blogspot or Wordpress.

    Also you can get .COM domain for $1.17 using this coupon code fb99mxmr01 at GoDaddy. That is almost free.

  • nitro85nitro85 Member

    I'm still glad that Freenom exists

    I mean taking country TLD's and give them away for free might not be an easy task, it's pretty generous

  • rm_rm_ Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited May 2015

    There's this list:
    As you can see it's mostly just Freenom and even shadier crap, maybe aside from
    But I think when I tried to get a domain, my request was simply ignored and I didn't get one.

    So really, if you do not plan to register hundreds of domain names (do you?) and need just one, then choose a good name in a solid TLD and get a paid one. Just avoid all those "first year only $1" discounts and pick a TLD that's cheap on a recurring basis.

  • getvpsgetvps Member

    Check for new TLDs , some available for free (.webcam/.party/.science) maybe other soon.. not awesome but is not subdomain :)

  • gibstergibster Member

    Thanks, But I already knew about freenom as in my post.

  • Freenom is very buggy sometimes, is from them as well but mostly works good.

  • RadiRadi Member, Host Rep

    I will try tonight.

  • 4n0nx4n0nx Member

    Don't use free domains, they can be taken away at any point.

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