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domVPS is going to stop their business - Page 2
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domVPS is going to stop their business



  • WintereiseWintereise Member
    edited September 2012

    There, fixed, lol.

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  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    @domVPS said: Neither should you offer services to your customer of which you don't have full control yourself

    I have to agree with that statement.

    Also the one about OVH...

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    That is the reason @prometeus puts up every time someone asks about expansion.
    I suppose you cannot guarantee anything and need to believe in your luck and also have it in order to be able to offer acceptable service without full hands-on control.

  • prometeusprometeus Member, Host Rep

    @Maounique said: That is the reason @prometeus puts up every time someone asks about expansion.

    It's not only about control (that can be accomplished with a lot of remotization tecnique) you need to have good trusted relationship with the DC not only a customer ID :-)

  • RandyRandy Member
    edited September 2012

    correct, a good relationship with the DC can make things much more easy to negotiate when there are issues.

  • @domVPS - it seems a shame to be shutting down over something like this. Is there no room for negotiation at all?

  • domVPSdomVPS Member
    edited September 2012


    We have been trying to battle this issue for the week, however it's just been digging us a bigger and bigger hole, we fix one thing another two things pop up,

    A few days ago, a German node hard drive failed, we did have backups and restored them. On the night of resoring it all most of our nodes (including the one I was working on at the time) all were sending out attacks / being hit with attacks.

    Most hosts, such as Redstation understand, however you have the complete waste-of-time hosts such as OVH who are so ignorant they simply ignore you and put your server into FTP mode, to allow you to get backups. (I really recommend if you have ANYTHING hosted by OVH, to move it away from them as they simply DON'T CARE about the customer.)

    Hosting has been very fun and a big learning curve, however having major control over the network with access to switches to block attacks is something ANY host needs to have, along with a friendly relationship with the host (which has been possible with Redstation and Snelserver).

    It's quite sad for me to give this all up, however I'm out of energy and I feel it's the biggest waste of time I've ever done.

    All accounts will be provided a backup and refunds can be provided for time that has not been used.

    This will not stop our other projects, such as domDEDI which will be hosted within the Redstation data centre (with proper access to block and null attacks).

    I hope you all understand the stress we have been under the last few weeks.

  • @domVPS said: I really recommend if you have ANYTHING hosted by OVH, to move it away from them as they simply DON'T CARE about the customer.

    I had a similar issue last year on a dedicated ESXi server on OVH Roubaix. It was a relatively expensive "business-grade" server. One morning I found the IP of one VPS null-routed, and a OVH ticket with two words only: "game over". Explanations came only hours later, after some time wasted on phone calls and e-mails. According to OVH, the VPS was apparently hacked and started an attack. The OVH low-level technical people that followed my issue had the default assuption that clients have malicious attitude and deserve to be punished. According to OVH commercial support, I should have bought the "VIP support" option to have the issue sorted out in a very short time; I cancelled the server instead. Do you bought this VIP support, or are you on standard support only?

  • I can't really blame OVH for this. With the amount of crap i've seen coming from their address space they have had probably more than enough of this so i can kind of understand their zero tolerance policy. With their prices i can understand why they want to deal only with the no hassle customers and get rid of any customer which raises their support costs. The cost for this kind of support is really not calculated in their prices.

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  • 1 more down, 5985396 left to go.

  • Their NL datacenter is infinitetech as far as I'm aware of.

    You are luckily OVH didnt just reformat your stuff - they normally do that in case of outgoing abuse.

    Thanked by 1Randy
  • @apollo15 Don't think so, they suspend your server from public access and give you ftp access to recover your files and that's about it.

  • WintereiseWintereise Member
    edited September 2012

    They only force you to format in case of a complete server break in, usually not for VPSes, @apollo15.

  • @stormvz yes, if you are luckily :P

  • I'm sure @Francisco can confirm

    Thanked by 1Victor
  • @Jack why do you think so? They are very nice and decent provider based on my personal fairly long experience.

  • They never suspended my server during inbound attack. Your hackforums friend got suspended for having dozen of abuse complaints and OUTGOING ddos.

    Maybe @domvps can share his experience...

  • Well, usually if a particular customers turns out to be a pain in the butt the tolerance level for that particular customer is lowered. No surprise here.

  • Exactly. ddos combined with so many abuse is pain in the ass and everyone would have suspended him unless hes a big customer(10+ boxes). No surprise here as rds100 said.

  • Hello,

    After managing to get OVH to resume our servers, we have had a change of plan. All VPS' and nodes will come back online. Anyone who has had a refund and wishes to continue hosting with us, please open a support ticket.

    Just to confirm - WE WILL REMAIN OPEN!

    All customers will receive an email shortly explaining what will be happening over the next few days.

    kind regards,

    edited September 2012

    @domVPS said: Just to confirm - WE WILL REMAIN OPEN!

    Glad to hear that.

    Thanked by 3Randy domVPS Infinity
  • LAKidLAKid Member
    edited September 2012

    @domVPS said: Just to confirm - WE WILL REMAIN OPEN!<


  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    @LAKid said: Until...?

    Quit the negativity, this is one host that in my books actually tried. Good luck to you guys at domVPS and hope all the hard work pays off. :)

    Thanked by 1TheHackBox
  • Hi LAKid,

    We plan to remain open. I do agree, one minute saying we are closing the next saying we are not is not very professional, this last few days have been very stressful and we are slowing returning service to a normal level.

    We are not some overnight setup, we have been operating for over a year with VPS and over 3 years with web hosting.

  • Sometimes all that's required is to step back and take stock of the situation, approach it from a different angle and realise it's not as bad as you originally thought.

    I'm quite sure that's what happened in this case and it's good that domVPS are going to power on through despite the setbacks.

    Thanked by 1Infinity
  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    I also hope that ppl are now having an overview over what can happen when you depend on others.

  • Hi Zen, yes - It was a bit silly to say we were closing too early, however the stress we have been under the last few days we were just completely exhausted and could not be bothered any more. However we have found our strength again and are willing to fight against the kids with scripts!

    Thanked by 1acarrascope
  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    @domVPS said: are willing to fight against the kids with scripts!

    I am sure they will take it as a taunt...
    I wish you good luck, I dont like cyberterrorism either.

  • @Maounique said: That is the reason @prometeus puts up every time someone asks about expansion.

    Its not that it can't be done but one at a time. Give the time to settle that step before next step. Its not like trying to put flags in 5-6 countries/locations in 5-6 months time.
    Each country/location should be given 5-6 months minimum to make things stable there..

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