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domVPS is going to stop their business
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domVPS is going to stop their business

netguynetguy Member
edited September 2012 in Providers

Anybody knows what's happened with domVPS?
I've just received a notice that they will close all their servers at all locations.



  • @Jack said: Post the notice?


    domVPS notification:

    You may have already been aware of over the last few days domVPS has not been providing a stable service which we aim to provide. This has been due to network-wide attacks to and from our network, as a result many locations have suspended servers due to the massive bandwidth amounts which they cannot handle.

    As a result of this choice by the hosting providers / constant attacks we have decided to close our doors and terminate hosting of all virtual servers on every location.

    Please submit a support ticket to request a backup of your VPS to be uploaded in a .tar.gz format for you to download to your new provider.

    Thank you for being a customer with domVPS, be it over a year or be it a few weeks, we hope that you did enjoy the quality of hosting before the mass of issues this week.

    Anyone who has paid or renewed their VPS within the last 2 weeks will receive a refund. We will also provide a refund for the time that has not been used to customers who have a long-term subscription (6+ months).

    We cannot guarantee how long existing servers will be online for, due to attacks and data centre policies so we suggest you request your backup as soon as possible. To limit any more attacks, we will shortly be suspending all virtual servers.

    If you have any final questions about the closure, feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to provide information.

    Once again, sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    22 September 2012

  • @netguy

    Are you sure ? Can you display the Email Headers to see where the email came from!

  • To think I was considering buying a VPS from them...

    Oh well.

  • LAKidLAKid Member
    edited September 2012

    What's going to happen to this? this is not OVH.
    on 21st, he announced that he'd have IP6, and 22nd, close the biz?

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran – $6.40/Month 256MB KVM located in New Jersey, kvm, new jersey September 18, 2012 @ 12:01 pm, by Zahra

    maybe listing on LEB triggers attacks ? Or did they send it a couple of months back :P

  • @DotAL said: Are you sure ? Can you display the Email Headers to see where the email came from!

    From: domVPS

    Received: from ([]:53319

    URL of the SolusVM: (IP

    It looks valid.

  • @netguy said: It looks valid.

    Another one bites the dust...

  • In other words, this guy decided to rip people off, LEB fell for it, took money, running.

  • @Shane_Elmore said: Another one bites the dust...

    A common occurrence here on LET...

  • Still taking orders.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    @Jack said: Why would they send it from Solus when they have WHMCS?

    Maybe they host an e-mail server on their Solus master which may also be one of those joint master/ovz container holder thingey, and send WHMCS e-mails via that server.

  • @LAKid said: Still taking orders.

    All out of Stock and slow like hell

  • netguynetguy Member
    edited September 2012

    I opened a support ticket, waiting for a confirmation of closing.


    The emails are correct, unfortunately!
    You have until about the 13th Oct 2012 before the node will go down.
    If you have any other queries, don't hesitate to contact us!
    Kind regards,
    Cameron Banfield
    Director of domVPS 
  • I demand a reason for shutdown!

  • This is too common, why did we even condone @dominicl starting his business?

  • If domVPS, Even experienced attacks like we had then for sure, I know why he has shut the doors.

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket. :-)

    @Corey said: This is too common, why did we even condone @dominicl starting his business?

  • @Jack said: @Corey ay? This isn't dominic's business.

    I know - just reminds me of what is going to happen.

  • @Jacob said: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. :-)

    All 7 of their locations were with the same datacenter?

  • JacobJacob Member
    edited September 2012

    The attacks was at all our Locations, So I wouldn't say it is Impossible for that to happen.

    @Corey said: All 7 of their locations were with the same datacenter?

    Jeez, Mine is so big, And your sausage is so small..



    500K+ PPS(Ungraphed), And near 2Gbps(Ungraphed).

    @Jack said: UK size of which you said was just over a gbit...

  • Observium, and it is as reliable as SNMP.

    @Jack said: Munin

  • Hi,

    domVPS has been running flawless for nearly 1 year and a half but everything has just gone bad the last few days. We realised that without entire control (router access, ability to nullroute IPs, router traffic monitoring, ..) over our servers (nodes) there's no chance we can guarantee anything to our customers. We always mentioned that we do not offer any kind of DDoS protection but we never expected anything close to this.

    It is just frustrating sitting there hoping the datacenters / dedicated server providers reply in a timely manner with a constructive reply. 3/4 of our nodes were attacked by major attacks (1-5Gbps each) and were partially used to send DoS attacks for quite a long while. Being unable to SSH to them at all, KVM only partially accessible made the situation horrible.

    We surely learned a lesson. Using providers like OVH should totally be avoided for anyone who wants something reliable. Neither should you offer services to your customer of which you don't have full control yourself - offering locations all over the world is useless and you'll regret that at a certain point. Just renting dedicated servers without you being able to access it /entirely/ will get you into trouble sooner or later.

    Just to repeat, as mentioned in the email, backups will be given if asked for. Refunds will also be made. Open a support ticket or grab your data yourself while your VPS is still online.

    Kudos and good luck to all the "budget vps" providers, it's been a great experience. Even if not that positive after all!

    I'm out.

  • Too bad...I've kept this host under my eye for quite some time, wanting to purchase a VPS from all of these locations, looks like I waited too long!

  • RandyRandy Member
    edited September 2012

    aell. its a good thing that refunds will be given sorry that you have to close shop

  • @Randy said: aell. its a good thing that refunds will be given sorry tharlt you hsve to close shop

    Tht mde none cense

  • WintereiseWintereise Member
    edited September 2012

    @Randy said: aell. its a good thing that refunds will be given sorry tharlt you hsve to close shop

    Get. back. to. English. 101.

    Goddamn Randy :V

  • @Wintereise said: Goddamn Singaporeans :V


    Thanked by 1Boltersdriveer
  • RandyRandy Member
    edited September 2012

    its a typo. i am at my phone and the keyboard suck

  • What a shame...

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