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Favourite LowEndBox location
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Favourite LowEndBox location

daimonbdaimonb Member
edited October 2011 in General

dmbhosting have got money to invest into a new location but unsure where. So market research who prefers which countries and why,

Example ralph likes uk for vpn for bbc iplayer - this tells us to create mini vps package's on uk nodes.

So come on you tell us and we will listen.



  • europe, and make it center of it, so that everyone got close, speed-wise. country in center of europe = poland

  • cheers kristal duely noted.

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    Wouldn't central Europe be Germany? Seems like we have plenty of VPS provider in Germany. Heck, that's where mine is. When I look at a map of Europe, Poland is more Eastern Europe. And if you ever played Twilight 2k, you know Poland is Eastern Europe. ;)

    But yes, Poland does seem to be underserved.

    I've mentioned a couple of times now that I've been looking for a single rack in Western Europe for quite some time now. I know I've had a number of problems with getting sales personal to return my emails since I was only talking about a single rack. In fact the only provider who was even remotely interested was BURSTNET and well after the actions of their CEO, that was a non starter.

    I just wanted to mention that.

  • Antarctica :P

  • Ash_HawkridgeAsh_Hawkridge Member
    edited October 2011


    I actually found a nice E31240 with 2X 500GB 15k SAS2 disks, 1GBPs connection and 2TB transfer for roughly 120GBP in Poland

    I dropped them a email regarding IP allocations but i dont think they had a clue what i was talking about, which tend's to put me off :D

  • @VMPort I find references to them having a 50mbit line over satellite but nothing concrete.

  • Who, Poland or Antarctica :P
    They had a hard time getting the penguins to lay the fiber

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    The penguins must have a good union. Maybe they subcontract out to the seals. I seem to recall a microsoft certification shop run by the albatrosses.

    Antarctica although I just found a 2007 reference that they were chaining together 28.8 modems and putting that over satellite so I'm not real sure. Another reference mentions a fiber optic cable with an Argentina base on the coast being laid starting in 2002 that should have been finished in 2007ish but no mention of it elsewhere.

    On the coast, lots of discussion. Nothing for the south pole base though.

  • VMport said: 500GB 15k SAS2 disks

    Are you sure they are 15k? That is a very oddball size for 15k, usually 37gb/74gb/147gb/300gb/600gb

  • I meant 600 :P
    Used to writing 500GB RAID10 haha

  • @drmike

    Yeah, i heard they gave Cogent the "flipper"... Dont worry i'll grab my coat..

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    Antartica works best, did u know that frozen cables&fibres transfers data up to 3x faster... yeah

  • There is also a big demand for IceCast hosting, couldn't help myself :P

  • LOL so funny n_n

    A good location is central USA, imho

    Thanked by 1Ixape
  • Texas!

  • Aside from US and for location purpose, it looks like there's a good demand in some hosting forums for servers located in UK and EU in general, FR and DE might be good locations too in Europe.

  • i was thinking de but there is a few already doing it that are good providers vmport for one off top of my head was thinking more bespoke but maybe it would be aiming too much at the minority. as for usa i can currently get really good deals for scranton, miami, new york we ran a node in scranton for 1 month and only had one enquiry for it so shut it down.

  • @vmport nice new site :)

  • Australia, if you pull it off you'll be unique and I'll certainly sign up :-)

  • did look into australia but you have to take a mortgage out for the bandwith lol

  • There are tons of good and not so bad provider in Europe. About the same in US/North America even if they are usually a little bit more expensive....

    But we are many ( and that's a little word) to live/work/surf outside that world. Maybe time to look about the south hemisphere, don't you think?

    • Australia: there is a lot to do to reach reasonable prices,
    • South Asia & India: there is a lot to do reach a decent quality... and price later :-)
    • and I don't really know, but south america is kinda empty!
  • TigersWay said: but south america is kinda empty!

    u_u sad

    TigersWay said: South Asia & India: there is a lot to do reach a decent quality... and price later :-)

    Btw, someone can write an opinion about Mountspot? Our only provider in LEB and that location

  • yomero said: Btw, someone can write an opinion about Mountspot?

    They are for sell ^_^ maybe it was part of their strategy, cheap price (for that location) -> get lots of client -> sell it.

  • OMFG, 10-22-2011

    Damn ¬¬

  • I think Los Angeles,CA I like the name :D

  • AUSTRALIA, about time we get something here

  • How about iceland? :)

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    +1 Australia doensn't have many LEB's if any, and I would want one :P Although bandwidth is expensive there.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    australia is just not feasible

    2x Intel Quad Core (8 Core)Xeon E5620 2.4Ghz

    32 GB ECC

    4x 300GB (SAS)

    30 GB backup space

    1500 GB Bandwith

    $1,449.00 a month

  • iceland it is! haha

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