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Up2VPS vs ChicagoVPS vs eNetSouth, which one is good?
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Up2VPS vs ChicagoVPS vs eNetSouth, which one is good?

rishav_jalanrishav_jalan Member
edited October 2011 in General

I am looking to buy a vps for long term. From last few days i have been searching a lot but didn't got much positive results. I want a VPS to run some drupal and wordpress websites. My budget is quite low(10$) as i don't earn and will pay from pocket money.
I have come across this companies through this site who fit my budget. Please recommend me which one should i go with for a long term.
I require a 2GB RAM,50GB HDD,100GB Bandwidth VPS. Any other offers are welcome.




  • fanfan Veteran

    Remember you get what you pay for. Don't expect too much for a lowendbox. :) And my suggestion goes to ChicagoVPS and eNetSouth, based on what I saw on LEB and other places.

  • Why do you need 2 GB of memory to run few Drupal and WordPress sites? With proper optimization you shouldn't use more than 256 MB.

  • If you would like to run Drupal and Wordpress websites you don't need so much ram. I would rather stick with some reliable providers like quickweb, buyvm, ramhost. For your needs 128-512 MB ram would be more than enough and if you choose a decent provider you could even pay less. However if you really want a 2 GB box, I would go for enetsouth as they have a not bad reputation.

  • xprotoceptxprotocept Member
    edited October 2011

    i'm running a website on a small VPS, uses no more than 80MB
    That box is running MySQL Apache2 php and more
    From UptimeVPS
    Had no downtime so far

  • xprotocept said: That box is running MySQL Apache2 php and more

    Apache eats tons of memory. I'd recommend Hostigation, BuyVM, Bitcable and InceptionHosting. UptimeVPS isn't reliable provider yet.

  • is up2vps the same as uptimevps?

  • N@vampireJ no..they are different..
    i had asked somewhere else about how much ram will i require and they said 2gb..
    here is what i need to run at max:
    5-6 wordpress
    3-4 drupal
    1 opencart
    2 php mysql websites..
    2 mybb

    thanks for the help..

  • SpeedBusSpeedBus Member, Host Rep

    Well, if you use Cherokee Webserver or Nginx and Debian, you may only need 1 GB ~ RAM

  • i will require a control panel like kloxo or virtualmin as i am not very great in linux..that will i suppose consume some memory..any ideas hlw much they consume?


  • use ispCP Omega, i'm using that, and only using max 80MB now it´s at 49MB

  • @rishav_jalan

    Get a low end Xen/KVM VPS. It's way better than a Oversold 2GB OpenVZ VPS.

    Some of the good names are-

    Xen - InceptionHosting/LoveVPS/Up2vps/KiloServe

    Xen HVM - ThrustVPS

    KVM - Hostigation, Bitcable.

    Most of them provide 512MB RAM & decent performance @ <$10/month price tag.

    Look at EnetSouth thread in LEB. You'll get an idea about their support.

  • thanks for recommendations..
    what do you all say about pinellashosting and hudsen valley host.

  • I just can say that Hudson has been around for a while. Dunno how performs.

  • i saw pinellashosting has been rated as no.1 by some and in google only found positive reviews about them..should i go with them.?

  • biplab said: Xen - InceptionHosting/LoveVPS/Up2vps/KiloServe

    Xen HVM - ThrustVPS

    KVM - Hostigation, Bitcable.

    Most of them provide 512MB RAM & decent performance @ <$10/month price tag.

    Hopefully you will be adding us to the KVM list shortly, we are working towards adding them to our product range next month.

  • go with enetsouth as one of my site and LET are hosted with them :)

  • how is their uptime and support.

  • uptime and support are really good :)

  • @rishav_jalan: Just to warn you that eNetSouth's support is atrocious. I have a rDNS request open for 4 days now and still without a response. It's low priority but at least a "we're on it" would be good.

    That, and I recently signed up for their OVZ/KVM offer and guess what? After 2 days of uptime, the server has been down since. Tickets are opened, of course, with no response. It's the second day now and the server remains unreachable with no response for the company.

    You can see the thread here (at the bottom) that this issue isn't unique to me:

  • but there is no problem untill now.. i have been with them for 6 month

  • thanks for the responses..any reviews on alien vps?
    i am searching about each and every lowend vps provide and really LEB is helping a lot..

  • @picy: Actually, it's precisely the fact that there haven't been complains, etc. that I decided to sign up. If they had issues with the server, it was fine as long as they communicated the issue to the customers and are working on fixing it. I've worked for web hosting companies and I understand that some things can't be completely prevented.

    However, their approach is to communicate no info to the client. It's like they have disappeared into thin air and we can't even tell if they are actually aware that the server is down or if they are bothering to do something about the situation.

  • @tortau i agree with you , but in my case they responding to my tickets when the server were down.

    one of their response

    "There have been many issues with this node because of it running CentOS 6.0 -- The new 2.6.32 kernel and OpenVZ are not playing well. Again today, there was downtime. We have performed one last "fix" for this OS -- after that we are backing down to CentOS 5.6 which we will know will run without issue.

    We wanted 6.0 just simply because it is so much faster with 2.6.32 vs 2.6.18 kernel.

    Please let me know how things are for you today."

    They are quite responsive for me. i dont know why they didnt respond you!!

  • @rishav_jalan: I don't know about AlienVPS. But I've had a KVM with Bitcable for a month previously and it was good service. There was a scheduled downtime last weekend when they moved racks (due to expansion) - quoted an hour-ish but it went for about 4+ hours. I'm guessing that's a rare exception since they would not be moving around the datacenter that often.

    Also have 2 Linux VPS & 1 Windows VPS with UptimeVPS. I've had close to 100% uptime on both Linux boxes but the Windows one was down for half a day or so about a week or two ago. Overall, none of my sites are important or uptime critical so I'm staying with their company. But I must admit their pricing sure makes me wary if they will stay in business long! For now, I'm just reaping my moneys worth and we'll see about the future :)

  • you can go with but they are out of stock now.

    check and go with them

  • I'd advice you not to go with UptimeVPS. For the most expensive part of getting a VPS is the time it takes to setup, and for most of these budget server the yearly payment is a lot less than your daily wages. If you want take a chance go ahead, the sums are trifling, but remember the value of your time.

    I have 6 idle for the most part servers with them. I uploaded about 20gb of files on one of them and yesterday received a message that illegal movies had been detected them. The files were on QuickWeb for months and on Quality Servers for a week or so and I never had a peep from them. When I asked "Ken" to identify those files and how they were detected he didn't have the decency to give an intelligent honest response. The files were uploaded via SSH and there are no web servers running on it, not even email. He's just deleted the server because he knows that demanding my €3 is not worth my time. I will just let them expire and not renew. Apparently he will go bust if customers take up a quarter of the space he is offering

    The privacy issue is more troubling than anything else.

    I could use Amazon or Rackspace for the stuff I intend doing at UptimeVPS. It is quicker for me to get a cheap VPS and spend the few days doing knowning that I am not going to get a big bill if I forget to disconnect and that is all.

    If you have something it costs time and money to set up, don't waste your time with some of the providers here.

  • thanks for the advices friend..@picy buyvm is out of my budget...

  • rishav_jalan said: buyvm is out of my budget

    How can BuyVM be out of anyone's budget? Out of stock on what you hoped for maybe, but out of your budget?

  • miTgiB said: How can BuyVM be out of anyone's budget? Out of stock on what you hoped for maybe, but out of your budget?

    Out of his budget for 2GB

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    miTgiB said: How can BuyVM be out of anyone's budget? Out of stock on what you hoped for maybe, but out of your budget?

    I think the OP would be fine with a 512MB + shared SQL to offload whatever database needs he has. Offloading SQL would save him 200 - 300MB of RAM depending on how big his DB's are. At only $1/m there's really no reason not to use the service.


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