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how to set up socks5 proxy service
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how to set up socks5 proxy service

I'm looking to setup a commercial proxy service (as in rent out socks5 proxies). I need a bit of help setting it all up. If you have some experience with this and wouldnt mind giving a hand, please let me know. Happy to pay for the service. I'm in Melbourne btw. Thanks


  • You can use a LES box as a SOCKS5 proxy. Cost is EUR 3 per year.

    Here's how.

    Set up a basic LES box, e.g. by following the instructions at but missing out the bits about setting up a website (unless you want to have a website, too).

    Now, on your local PC, launch Firefox.

    Open the Firefox menu and choose Options (or Preferences in some versions of Firefox).

    Go to the Advanced set of options.

    Go to the Network tab.

    Click on the Connection Settings button.

    Set the radio button for Manual proxy configuration.

    For SOCKS Host, put

    For Port, put 1080.

    Check that SOCKS v5 is selected with the radio button.

    Check the box for Remote DNS, present in newer version of Firefox only. (In older version of Firefox, without a Remote DNS checkbox, you will have to enter in the Firefox address bar about:config, click to say that you promise to be careful, then in the Search box type proxy, find the preference named network.proxy.socks_remote_dns, and double-click on it to set it to true.)

    At the bottom of the screen, it should read No Proxy for localhost,

    Click Ok for these Connection Settings.

    Click Ok to exit the Options dialog.

    Now, to direct localhost port 1080 through an SSH tunnel, just issue at the command line of your PC:

    ssh -D 1080 [email protected] -p yourdedicatedsshport

    You can even do this on a Windows PC with PuTTY. Launch PuTTY. In the Category tree in the left pane of the PuTTY window, select Connection > SSH. Click the plus sign + if necessary to expand the SSH section of the tree. Select Tunnels. Fill in the Source port to be 1080. Select the radio button for Dynamic. Click Add. In the Category tree in the left pane of the PuTTY window, select Session. Press Save to save these settings for next time. Click Open.

    Whether you are using SSH or PuTTY, now launch Firefox, go to and enter the query what is my ip address. You should see the IP address of your VPS, not your home PC, since this is where the Internet now thinks you are located.

    From now on, if you open your tunnel via SSH or PuTTY prior to accessing the Internet through Firefox, your Internet connection will be securely tunneled through your SOCKS5 proxy.

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  • bertan said: You can use a LES box as a SOCKS5 proxy. Cost is EUR 3 per year.

    He wanted a "commercial proxy service". Requiring SSH of each user would not work.

  • 3proxy works fine. Russian required for documentation though.

  • sirrobinsirrobin Member
    edited January 2015

    @William said:
    3proxy works fine. Russian required for documentation though.

    thanks - i am using 3proxy but it does not support RADIUS yet. so a bit tricky to programaticaly provision accounts and integrate with a admin panel.

  • desperanddesperand Member
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  • FoulFoul Member
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    Edit: Never mind, didn't see the commercial thing.

  • Is there any way to setup 3proxy on server with multiple IPs and how to configure it?
    Also how to setup users with 3proxy? is there mysql support or any other way that can be implemented with some billing system?

  • Yes, but it does not tell anything about billing software integration...

  • 0xdragon said: Oh wow, that's nice!

    Dante has been around for years. I personally used it a lot in the past and I liked it. Hopefully OP will find it useful.

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