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Help me choosing virtualization software
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Help me choosing virtualization software

MuZoMuZo Member
edited August 2012 in Help


this month I will buy a dedicated server and I want to do virtualization
(Server specs: Intel Core i7-2600, 32gb ram, 2x 1.5tb raid1 SATAII, 10tb @ 1gbit then 10mpbs unmetered, subnet /27 --> 30 ips)

I need it for personal use but I'm thinking about maybe selling some boxes. I would like to have a webinterface to create boxes and manage them.
Which virtualization software do you suggest?
It needs to support windows/linux vpses.
Till now I only tried proxmox, and I heard that the best one for selling is solusvm.
As client all boxes I have use solusvm and I like it.
With proxmox I could do both kvm (windows) + openvz (linux) on same node, with solusvm I need 2 servers but I only will get this server. If I use solusvm kvm I would have to manually install every linux os, for linux I like openvz for it speed creating vpses.
So proxmox seems a good solution but I can't limit bandwitch and I don't like much the user system.
What about vmware vsphere / microspot hyper-v?
If the software is free it's better but I don't mind paying <20$ / month for a license.

Thank you, MuZo

I'm having even some problems setting up network with windows under proxmox kvm


  • Ovz or KVM if you since your asking here :)

  • TazTaz Member

    If you want to support windows on a Linux node, KVM. If linux only, and you know how to manage a server (since you want to sell service), openvz.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    +1 to KVM. It's painfully easy to setup.

  • You can manage bw in proxmox pretty easy, since you have such ram, you can easily put a firewall distro with bw management and use that as a gateway/router for the boxes. (My philosophy, for every task, put up a VM !)
    It will be harder with ebtables as you will have to do it manually in the underlying debian.
    VMWare and hyperv are not thought to be used as a reseller (proxmox also is not great for this), if you want to swap kvm with xen, try hypervm. Xen HVM is able to run windows too.

  • jarland def has a point here (and see my link). But don't charge $ until you have it under control :)

  • MuZoMuZo Member

    what do you think about solusvm with xen-hvm?
    so I can create templates to do fast installs or use iso images

    Does I have to configure something for network on solusvm kvm? because on proxmox I can't getting it running..

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