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Shared hosting for Xenforo forum?
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Shared hosting for Xenforo forum?


I read lately on this forum that shared hosting are allowed here. So I want to ask, I have a small forum with few members (Xenforo) and I want a hosting for it. I don't have the technical requirements to get a VPS. So I prefer a hosting where everything is managed.

Litespeed + SSD are a plus for me.

Any suggestions from your part?

Thanks a lot!


  • BuyAdsBuyAds Member
    edited December 2014

    Am hosting hostingclerks with and works great. You got 30 day moneyback i think so you may give it a try. Good luck.

  • Ps do not go with hostgator and co! Really bad speed for vbulletin and xenforo.

  • HostWithLinux?

  • gestiondbigestiondbi Member, Patron Provider

    @JoeBiss I will be glad to discuss about your requirements. Can you PM me?

  • BuyAds said: Ps do not go with hostgator and co! Really bad speed for vbulletin and xenforo.

    +1. Do not go with any EIG company. Most of them are slow and lack features like Ioncube.

  • My advice is to make sure they've got a capable MySQL server. We tried running XenForo on a shared host with about 125 daily unique visitors and 2500 daily pageviews, and got a fair bit of downtime because of the database not being able to cope. We ended up moving to Linode, and found a massive improvement in site speed.

  • @JoeBiss
    What are you requirements?
    I will PM you to discuss a bit more.

    I have Varnish + NGINX if that matters,

  • Try buyshared from buyvm. I think its out of stock now but it will be restocked soon.

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