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dmbhosting - personal apology
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dmbhosting - personal apology

daimonbdaimonb Member
edited July 2012 in General

First of all please let me take this time to apologise for the situation that has occured of the first half of this year.

let me explain what has happened.

at the back end of last year after building myself a good reputation within the community i looked at getting help in expanding the business. I purchased all hardware and co located with james todd, i then accepted an offer from AMOL HIRRAY in selling 50% of the business in return for his investment and support.

Although i received the investment and put this into funding new hardware i failed to receive the support needed in expanding the business. I worked very hard in keeping up the customer satisfaction in which dmb hosting clients had come to expect from us and believe i maintained this untill early this year.

At the beginning of the year i had some personal issues to which a few of you are privvy to and others may not be i do not wish to expand on these issues or come up with excuses however it was beyond my control.

As an equalo shareholder amol decided to pick up the business and try to continue the running of the business whilst i was preoccupied this however as you are all aware did not go fully to plan and as he realised the business was bigger than he could handle he decided to cut losses and try and sell the business, this may have worked if the reputation had been kept up but due to poor customer service and some hardware issues obviously the business failed to be sold.

I did not leave the business as some emails sent to clients would suggest, i just wasnt kept in the loop and the business was trying to be sold without my consent. I have also come to be aware that the new business partners have removed themselves from the ltd company as directors and as it stands i am the only link there is.

With how much time has gone by, i could quite easily go away and never look at this site again and forget about dmb hosting but anybody who knows me will tell you im not that sort of person.

I personally feel it is i who have let people down, DMB was and is my pride and joy named after myself and built up by good customer service. It is my fault for not keeping a closer eye on the business during my absence, I am feeling though the business has been left to rot now. The hardware is stuck with othellotech with outstanding invoices and i am debating whether it is even worth salvaging or closing the company for good.

However whichever way i go i do PROMISE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU A PERSONAL REFUND from my own pocket providing you can proof the invoices are from 1st of january which is when the problems started and you have not already been refunded by paypal or Amol i will refund all genuine legitimate claims within 14 days please send claims to [email protected]


Daimon Bowland



  • TaylorTaylor Member
    edited July 2012

    Seems nice you are offering refunds, good luck with what ever path you take next

    PS: get your hardware back to help finance refunds?

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited July 2012

    Do you have attempt to return to hosting business in near future? I am somewhat skeptical...

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    That's very kind of you, I hope all is well with you and your personal situation. :)

  • DanielMDanielM Member
    edited July 2012

    I might be interested in buying ur old hardware or clients....

    (Sent From My HTC One)

  • @spirit if i do it would be with complete staff support and the right structure in place, if i have learned nothing else its dont be the only one who knows how to run the business, thats what caused this mess i was preoccupied and everything went pete tong.

    @infinity things are back to normal in my personal life thankyou.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited July 2012

    @DanielM what clients? That's past. Long forgotten past. As ex. dmbhosting client I don't want my client personal data to appear anywhere. We're not dmbhosting clients anymore, but ex dmbhosting clients.

  • @Danielm am afraid the hardware is stuck at othellotech and it would appear that no invoices have been cleared am going to give them a call tomorrow and see how the situation stands but i think too much time has passed and they have disposed of the hardware by now.

  • DamianDamian Member

    @DanielM said: I might be interested in buying ur old hardware or clients....

    We already tried this back when this all went down. Amol waited waaaaayyy too long to begin looking for someone to help with or take over the company, then wanted waaaaaayyy too much money. I doubt by now anyone is left.

  • @damian can you pm me what he was asking for the company as even i dont know this information.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited July 2012

    Imho. it would be the best for everyone if this thread wouldn't appear. No need for digging something what's burried some time ago. Most of us moved over and unless there's some future business interest behind things should be left as they are. There's nothing more to say about..

    Thanked by 1Infinity
  • @spirit i appreciate what you are saying but i have a conscience and would rather apologise than leave things as they are.

    Thanked by 1Infinity
  • JacobJacob Member

    I actually asked "amol" about the hardware a while back, Which he said was £4,000 from new not so many months ago, I am willing to buy any hardware you have and I can pick it up if it is stored at a manchester Datacenter.

  • @jacob the hardware was not £4000 I can assure you that. I will make enquiries tomorrow as regards the hardware and will let interested parties know.

  • TazTaz Member
    edited July 2012

    @daimonb if you do get the chance to get those hardware back, kindly please send me a pm.

    On a main note: Great sign of professionalism. Bless!

  • TaylorTaylor Member
    edited July 2012

    @daimonb said: I will make enquiries tomorrow as regards the hardware and will let interested parties know.

    @othelloRob is on let, I cannot see them storing the hardware for such an extended amount of time and I do not think with the "cloud" service they offer they would use used hardware that wasn't the best in terms of performance. Its unlikely that you will get it back IMO.

  • @taylor I share the same opinion, shame though it was all brand new November 2011

  • @daimonb, as I'm also in the Manchester area, I may be interested in some of the hardware.

    Glad to see you're doing alright though!

  • JacobJacob Member

    hirayamolhirayamol March 18

    There are only two servers mentioned in the previous message. The cost of both the servers is around 4000 GBP. But you will be able to buy them at a lower cost, as we want to sell them off as soon as possible.

    @daimonb said: @jacob the hardware was not £4000 I can assure you that. I will make enquiries tomorrow as regards the hardware and will let interested parties know.

  • I think it says something about @daimonb for him to apologize, even after this long.

  • @djvdorp said: I think it says something about @daimonb for him to apologize, even after this long.

    And not forget the offer for refunds. I do not think this thread is not worth it at all.
    Someone comes to apologize and surely expects a lot of flak. Also offers some refunds.
    +1 from me.

    Thanked by 1marrco
  • TaylorTaylor Member

    @daimonb Did you get any news on your hardware?

  • dannixdannix Member

    @daimonb, great to hear you're personal problems are solved, great to hear that you apologize and you are offering refunds. That's really a good sign of professionalism. Should you start a new business I will definitely give you a second chance and try your offer.

  • huluwahuluwa Member

    @Taylor said: Seems nice you are offering refunds

    Refunded? So gooda luck, and I'm unfortunate.

  • RandyRandy Member

    god luck, you offered refunds atleast :) best of luck

    and sorry to hear about this

  • As it stands I have no more legal standing with DMB hosting.

    After in depth discussions I have decided to partner with

    The above offer for refunds still however still stands.

    Thank you for all the pm's an well wishes and I look forward to seeing you all at


    Thanked by 2jh ElliotJ
  • Good luck with Virt.IO @daimonb and @jhadley. I'd hate to see Virt.IO to be a goner.

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    Good luck Daimon!

  • flyfly Member

    @Jeffrey said: I'd hate to see Virt.IO to be a goner.


  • othelloRobothelloRob Member, Host Rep

    @daimonb said: The above offer for refunds still however still stands.

    What about payments to suppliers ?

  • @othelloRob said: What about payments to suppliers ?

    Considering he's not a ltd company anymore he owes you £0

    Thanked by 1DeletedUser
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