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My Ideas - Need Input! :)
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My Ideas - Need Input! :)

JeffreyJeffrey Member
edited July 2012 in General

So, lately, I've had a lot of ideas of how to improve ChromiumHosting. First to get it into your approval of LEB hosts, I guess I need to remove the WHOIS Guard.. Anyways, here are some of my ideas.

  1. Virtualized Dedicated Server - With SolusVM
    With this idea, I will offer dedicated servers, however, instead of charging for a reinstall free (Which is what I am currently doing), I will make the dedicated server virtualized with a SolusVM login for OS Reinstalls, Reboots, etc.. etc.. this way you will be able to reinstall the OS whenever you want!

  2. Cheap FTP Accounts For Backups
    Basically I will give you a really cheap 100GB or more FTP account for file storage or backups.

  3. Shared Dedicated Servers
    Basically, you will purchase a very large XEN or KVM VPS on a dedicated server shared with ONE or TWO users, only.

If you have any ideas, please suggest them!



  • I like the third idea the most :P

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep
    edited July 2012

    1) I would suggest using a free bare metal option instead of SolusVM. Proxmox (KVM) or XenServer (Xen HVM) would work good. Just install one of those, then create a single VM using the remaining resources and you're all set. Only issue with Proxmox is the default install doesn't let you set partitions so be default it saves some space for OpenVZ containers so you might be better off installing Debian 6, then Proxmox on-top of it.

    2) Excellent idea although rsync is the best method for backing up (faster, less bandwidth, more secure, etc...) so maybe look into SCP instead of FTP.

    3) Good idea. I think some people consider these "hybrid servers" or "semi-dedicated", regardless of what the term is I'm sure some people are interested in something like this. Even slicing a dedicated server 4 ways to lower the cost would be nice.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    Really want to see more of option 3 around.

  • @jarland @kujoe @thehackbox Yeah, I agree, it would be really awesome to see Option 3 go, it is definitely on my future to-do list! My only concern about it is that the XEN or KVM VPS's for the users will be quite expensive, it has to cover the cost of the dedicated server its self!

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    BlueVM offered something like #3 before

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    It's not too bad, just not leb. Bluevm supposedly has them for 30, just not on their whmcs ;)

  • @Jeffrey personally, I'd say as long as its cheaper than a dedicated server itself it should be fine. I've already googled around for a dedicated server and the cheapest one (US Based, not Kimsufi) I got was 30 dollars. It had worst stats than a LEB I had (1GB Ram) and didn't really support anything. I'd say even if you split it down to 4 people I'm sure there'd be people out there to buy it.

  • JeffreyJeffrey Member
    edited July 2012

    As of right now chromiumhosting's site is offline because the site is hosted on a SecureDragon VPS..SecureDragon is offline! :/ Anyways, I am interested in DataShack or FDCServers for the Option 3. Any other cheap US Datacenters I should take note of? I am currently looking to redesign the entire ChromiumHosting website. Once Option 3 is launched, it will be pretty epic. The Option 3 VPS's will be categorized by Datacenters, of course.

  • PhilPhil Member

    2) Personally, would not backup over an unsecured channel: FTPS ok however.

    3) May be interesting if pricing makes it competitive with entry level dedis.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited July 2012 offers something similar, a chunk of a not too highly split dedicated. But VMware without the addon for web based client administration is a bit annoying.

  • NightNight Member
    edited July 2012

    @Jeffrey I noticed that as well with my VPS.. It was down for about 20 minutes.. Maybe @KuJoe can fill us in.

    Thanked by 1DeletedUser
  • NightNight Member

    @Jack It's back down again, so that's probably his IRC bouncer disconnecting.

  • @Night back up for me.

  • SecureDragon seems to be back up?

  • Regards to #1 and #3, it's interesting to note that ServInt (one of the oldest players in the VPS business) has been doing those things for years with Virtuozzo. Even there dedicateds are single-vps Virtuozzo systems.

  • JeffreyJeffrey Member
    edited July 2012

    I know this is probably not a great choice of DC's, but here are the one's I am interested with leasing servers from for option 3 and 1:


  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Jeff, If you want a UK location I can help you get a good deal.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    Had great results from systems at fdc

  • PADPAD Member

    Hosting something like this in Datacenters like those basically means you're trying to cheap skate as much as possible, would put me off. If I paid for something like this (and I'm pretty sure everyone else would think the same) you would pay for premium. I'm not going to pay 100$ for a 1/4 share in a server I can pay 150$ for.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited July 2012

    @PAD Fdcservers isn't doing that though. They're inexpensive but quality. Not sure about data shack or interserver.

  • @PAD I was thinking more on the lines of $30/Month MAX for the Option 3 Semi-Dedicated Servers... not $100. 0_o

  • PADPAD Member

    @jarland Yes but my point still stands, if you're going to offer these types of services that aim at allowing people to get high power and very high standard machines without paying for the average price of the actual machine, then you will need to actually buy high power machines, the hardware used in most corporate cloud services are E7's and above, 10Gbps networking, huge disk arrays (usually something like SAN).. etc. This isn't needed but the only way I can see something like this being of interest is to noobs who don't know about many providers (don't WHOIS test ip's etc, so won't know you're just selling them a quarter of something they could get 100% of for only a few bucks more) or people that want premium hardware, premium service, premium SLA, premium everything and you can't offer this renting cheap AMD hardware from cheap DC's.

    @Jeffrey my point is quite clearly made above, and only even more reinforced by your comment, 30$/Month for a semi-dedicated server warrants you 120$ of profit - so lets assume you're going to lie to the customer and not actually only sell 4 slots, you're going to sell 8 slots.. you're still only making 240$, not enough to cover an enterprise server with all the goodies, leaving your only real market noobs that don't know they can get a better deal.

    Well, my opinion may seem short-sighted .. but your comment on the price tag you wish to put on option 3 only makes it even more viable of an theory.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited July 2012

    I want a high powered option from a budget provider with a quality network. Truly dedicated resources on a solid machine in a decent datacenter, at an affordable price, is very appealing to me. If I wanted the best of the best I'd go to, current provider for my shared hosting.

    Look at He makes a profit. It's in fdc servers. Used it for two months, not a moment of downtime, not one network hiccup that I caught. I couldn't get a dedi with those specs for close to that price.

    Split it 6-8 ways and you could do quite well. You can catch a dual quad at a good price.

  • PADPAD Member


    Get a VPS, or go with the cloud, the problem with semi-dedicated is that it needs to offer something distinguished from other options, of which at this point it doesn't sound like he will or can, that thing is enterprise quality. Its like the difference between black and white or something, you're basically inventing a middle ground with NO advantage unless it is a real beast, at which point your asking price shoots up and all of a sudden you're aiming to be the next Rackspace. Not buying cheap hardware from FDC.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited July 2012

    @PAD CPU core that isn't shared. Disk I/O not split as much. Less strain on every pipe in the system and the network. Higher storage for the price point than any non oversold vps.

  • PADPAD Member

    Nah, not really. CPU core that isn't shared? Lets say the provider keeps to his word, you'll get 2 cores.

    Option 3 so far :

    CPU - Disadvantage vs Shared CPU (2 dedicated coresvs 4-8+ burstable cores)

    Disk I/O - If a customer buys semi-dedicated, they plan to use more resources, its inherent of the service, therfor I/O would generally match up at just the same rate, the difference is there will be less enforcement on hardcore I/O usage like what a VPS provider. With the cloud, you don't get I/O issues. SAN arrays.

    I/O - Disadvantage vs Variable(VPS)/It isn't an issue(cloud)

    Network - Same as I/O. Higher standard service + higher price warrants higher usage = same issue.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited July 2012

    You're missing one key: Quality cloud infrastructure like you are referring to isn't affordable. This is a vps he's offering. A dedicated split up to isolate physical hardware to each VM, sharing the absolute least resources possible. I'd gladly take one powerful core. So let's say he splits a dual quad 8 ways, that's $240. I'm paying $130 for a dual quad at LiquidWeb. So if I did the same, could you imagine the selling point I'd have? Fdc is respected as well.

  • PADPAD Member

    It is affordable when you add everything up and down, and VPS would be just as useful for that, you're also forgetting dedicated which would offer just as many advantages, sure you would have possibly more resources than you need but chances are you would only be paying a little bit more. Semi-dedicated just does not make sense, I've had friends purchase semi-dedicated, I've tested it out myself, I've spent the past 5 years doing price equations dealing with customer opinion and marketing all in this one industry ad while if you really want to believe it is viable it may seem like it, when you actually get your hands on it if you aren't a resource demanding client you will realize that
    1. you do not need this much and
    2. if you are a resource demanding client you simply wouldn't go with a semi-dedicated.

    It doesn't add up, there are constant negatives in all aspects.

  • PADPAD Member

    And that dual quad you want him to put you on won't be purchased for 130$, maybe 300-400$ (adding your enterprise drives, raid 10, high I/O, sufficient network) at the lowest. And boom your price is 120$, for 120$ you could get a lot more in other markets.

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