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What can you do with the vps from 32mb club?
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What can you do with the vps from 32mb club?

miusangmiusang Member
edited September 2014 in General

Hello, everyone!
I have bought a vps from 32mb club months ago.

I must confess that it really beyonds my ability to use that genre of vps.
Only one port and one ipv4 for SSH (no other ports you can take advantage of), what else can I do with only ipv6 host in that condition?

Set up a website with this vps? Yes, I can find quantities of tutorials introduce the way of how to set up a website in this minimal vps.

I want to set up a ipv6 tunnel, something like isatap, is it possible in this vps?

One detail where I don't really understand is that provided I use ipv6 address are there some restrictions
on that ports concerning this vps?

I need some experience on this vps. Thanks for your sharing.



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