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Socks Proxy Exchange - Page 2
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Socks Proxy Exchange



  • kristal said: now i can, as some "experts" stated: "break law" (lol!) and perform all the "illegal action" (lol! botting) and "break ToS" in peace (lol!!!), under my name all of it, yeah.

    Have fun with that. Btw, I have 14.4b runescape gold, you need any?

  • @justinb: thank u, wrong game, its not for gold anyhow

  • And how it got blocked?

    Because the censor service that the library uses probably picked up on it. I noticed that the top 100 sites (but not 101 on down) for a google for 'tor' were also blocked.

  • If you are lucky u can bypass the library filter by using an SSH server running on port 443 as proxy.

  • :ssshhhh::::

  • LOL, they will block SSL xDDD

  • Actually I don't do that that often as my previous methods were all caught and blocked after a while.

    I need to make sure that I retain access to my servers. One of the reasons why I go through that Quickweb VPs in Germany when I need to.

  • drmike said: I need to make sure that I retain access to my servers. One of the reasons why I go through that Quickweb VPs in Germany when I need to.

    I havent been around as long as some of you, but uh why do you always internet from the library? Never at home?

  • @justinb gets me out of the house. Also I'm in an area that still has 60+ year old copper phone lines, never got upgraded to digital cable (We're 99+% Spanish in my area and the local Time Warner has very little Spanish programming for some strange reason. And what they have is West Coast while I gather many local families don't like it. There's dishes on every house.) and the 3g(?) wireless in this area is horrible.

    The annoying part of that though is I can almost see a local high school from where I live. (Down the block, around a corner, another block and there it is.) They have cell phone towers on either side and some sort of digital drop into the school.

    One of the uplinks providers I use normally gives a comp'ed digital line into a customer's house. They took one look at what it would cost to run a line and said no. :(

  • You live in a farm area or rural? O.o

    I'm used to like 100m fibre, so this is shocking for a first world country

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    Nope, 7ish miles out of downtown Charlotte, NC. Within city limits. Just in an area that's been overlooked.

    Heck, I look at the coverage maps for cell phone and Clear wireless and there's a big white spot over my home showing no coverage. I watch people walking by on occasion shaking their phones trying to get a signal.

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    Hello, id really appreciate some help configuring and allowing UPD thru my ssh proxy...

    I googled it, cant find anything that works, thank You in advance

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