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So what do you think of SolusVM 1.8? - Page 2
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So what do you think of SolusVM 1.8?



  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    The new design looks less "new" so to say. It's a hybrid old fashioned and web 2.0 design. Wierd.

  • kiloservekiloserve Member
    edited September 2011

    There's good and bad in the new SolusVM.

    Functionality wise, there's quite a bit of improvement for KVM hosting and that's important to us.

    It looks a little odd but at the end of the day, it gets the job done.

    Personally, for me, the improved KVM hosting we can provide our clients is more important than how the new theme looks.

  • trelawneytrelawney Member
    edited September 2011

    I love it. What i don't love is suddenly all these "Topic Starter" icons on LET's discussion page, and no way of turning them off .

  • we just had an error with it in where the client area would not show and we had to revert back to the cleanblue theme to get to work again. panic over phew...

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    it would appear hosts changing the gui is not through choice but too ensure functionality for the clients. (note to self dont hit update)

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    @trelawney LEA likes them. :)

    (edit: Typo fixed. I'm referencing the gravatars of the thread starters on the front page of the LET site.)

  • @drmike When one of my hosts is struggling to maintain a respectable uptime (e.g over 120 hours...), let's just say the particular layout of SolusVm is nowhere near the top of my priority list

  • @trelawney You should be looking for a new host ^^

  • There's a typo in my post there. I should have said that LEA likes the gravatars on the front page as he likes seeing the thread starters.

    I'll edit my post.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • I have always said Solusvm is buggy and horid, When i thought it could not get any worse it has. It looks terrible.

  • DanielM said: It looks terrible.

    And looks are the most important part of functionality.

    Yes, I know SolusVM has it's own set of problems, and the focus developing it is misplaced much of the time when features remain unusable and buggy while new features are introduced, that one always rubs me wrong, fix the damn bugs before rolling out new features.

  • miTgiB said: fix the damn bugs before rolling out new features.

    Why, oh why do so many software companies roll out updates that break even more stuff without fixing the old stuff ):

  • Indeed SolusLabs has strange priorities. I just finished reimplementing our rdns6 scripts so they can work with the new SolusVM. The whole implementation took me several hours. Granted it is not as colorful and shiny as the rest of SolusVM, i still wonder why Soluslabs can't find the several hours needed to implement this... Not that they don't have several requests and bug reports logged for rdns6 functionality in their developers' portal for months and months...

  • Soluslabs have many big players as customers and of course the big companies get to decide what they want to be implemented.

    The rest can only suggest a feature and hope it will be implemented once the devs got the time.

    Phill is working on v2.x of SolusVM which will be more advanced (containing all features requested the big guys) along with several other features and it is written in C/C++ and not PHP.

    SolusVM 2.x, once released may cost more than current version, which will continue as a "Community" edition while version 2.x will be "Enterprise" and you will probably need to subscribe and pay extra for support and updates etc.

  • Dislike the new template - the old one was a million times better!

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    another issue is when you reboot the node ipv6 doesnt work untill you run the command

    /etc/init.d/ebtables restart

    or at least that just happened to us apparently a bug with the script usr/local/solusvm/includes/eb_on.php

    @francisco - stallion could not come quick enough if you ask me.

  • vedranvedran Veteran
    edited October 2011

    It doesn't look that bad but ...

    Why do we those My Account and Logout buttons on top when they are also under the logo? Redundancy is not always a good thing.

    What's the purpose of that huge margin on top? I suppose the person who made this had a full HD monitor, and never thought someone will be using it from laptop, netbook or even phone?

    Why, oh why Controls are never on top? Like the most important information I want to see every time I log in is my server information which is always the same (and it's already displayed somewhere else at least once). Ideally, it would be controls, stats and then server information.

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