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Old Promo Giveaway (Ends August 3rd)
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Old Promo Giveaway (Ends August 3rd)

D4X69D4X69 Member
edited July 2014 in Offers

I have a promo from SemoWeb that I no long need. For $5.99/mo, you'll get the following specs:

  • Quad core @ 3.4GHz

  • 2GB RAM

  • 2GB vSwap (This has been lowered due to reasons beyond my control)

  • 100GB SSD

  • 4TB monthly Bandwidth @ 100Mbps (Unconfirmed, it's what I assume due to downloads)

  • 1 IPv4

  • The secret bonus (which was an additional 3 IPv4) has been removed due to reasons beyond my control.

To get the server, you simply have to tell me what you would use it for. Winner will be whomever's answer I like the best. The next invoice is due on August 3rd - I will pay this final invoice, and then have the VPS transferred to you.

Some benchmarks:

To clarify: I am asking no money for this server. Straight transfer, with you taking over payments on September 3rd. I do have permission from SemoWeb to do this transfer.

Disclaimer: They never mentioned whether it had to be a current client or not, so that is your responsibility to take care of if you win.

Addition number 1: Sorry, I guess I need to specify. Please comment with your answer.


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