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BlueVM Review - Definitely NOT Recommended - AVOID BlueVM! - Page 3
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BlueVM Review - Definitely NOT Recommended - AVOID BlueVM!



  • you get what you pay for.. this is the only cpanel host I had trouble doing the transfer, got suspended and then terminated... not to mention getting mountains of spam. As soon as I cpmove to another webhost the incomming spam vanished. I may have gotten a FR from that also :(

    johnston(think i got the name right) was a good person, but seems like apart from him and Ishaq nobody else seem to know what is going on.

  • IshaqIshaq Member, Provider

    Just a disclaimer, I don't work for them anymore.

  • So, if Ishaq (who helped me many times) is out of the equation, who is running the show? Only Justin?

  • default said: Only Justin?

    There are other people, but they seem to be only temporarily there, I know justin and it wasnt him replying to some of my tickets, he definitely does not use a "technique" some people use to masquerade as other "staff" but those employees do not seem to last for a reason or another.

    I still have VPSes with him, but only in Buffalo, I must say like I always did, that, while LA was terribad for me, unusable for even lowest quality requiring apps, no need for much uptime, etc, Buffalo is definitely worth the money. It is oversold, yeah, especially cpu and disk, but it does work within acceptable parameters for my needs. I will not renew, though, for a simple reason, there are now better priced offers elsewhere and the quality seems to be better too. I had much love for EDIS and BlueVM, I am sorry to see them go, really liked what they did with Feathur and EDIS's liberal view, but, this is the market and political situation, some people survive and keep the flag up, some do not.

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