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BlueVM Review - Definitely NOT Recommended - AVOID BlueVM! - Page 2
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BlueVM Review - Definitely NOT Recommended - AVOID BlueVM!



  • I was about to purchase a VPS from BlueVM until I read this topic. LOL

  • @razibhasan Did you ever check to see if your first payment went through in 2013? Perhaps it did not

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  • FirstVM_comFirstVM_com Member
    edited July 2014

    Read all through.
    I used their vps before.
    Their support is not bad. but the service

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  • @jnelson3149 , the invoice was paid :)

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  • I've also struggled with BlueVM. I signed up and was immediately hit with a ton of downtime. When the VPS was actually up it was plagued with packet loss. I requested a refund and was told the same line, "Sorry, we don't offer refunds because it might be abused." I assume that means that everyone would request one because their service is a complete joke.

    After being told there was no refund option, I was moved to another node which was equally bad. I have 34 tickets attached to my account and that's not even covering each time the server was inaccessible / unusable due to packet loss or general hardware issues.

    I'm currently waiting on the fine folks at BlueVM to respond on why my VPS has been down the last 24 hours.

    In summation: Their hardware is unreliable, their network is garbage, and their support is terrible.

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  • jnelson3149jnelson3149 Member
    edited July 2014

    razibhasan said: @jnelson3149 , the invoice was paid :)

    Sounds like they have some explaining to do.

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  • badreligion said: In summation: Their hardware is unreliable, their network is garbage, and their support is terrible.

    Don't wiffle waffle about, tell us what you really think! :)

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  • ATHKATHK Member

    @badreligion said:

    What location and node are you on?

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  • DewlanceVPSDewlanceVPS Member, Provider

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  • upfreakupfreak Member
    edited July 2014

    I was the one who received the BlueVM credits from @emg , thanks to him. I had promised him to tell my BlueVM story in his thread, so here it goes..

    My first VPS with BlueVM was during the hyperVM days, It was deployed at a wrong location and even cant fully install cpanel DNSonly. I created a ticket and asked for a refund and was promptly refunded in full. After one year, I tried them again for a decent deal with free directadmin ( yes at kansas). kansas was similar to zurich experience very soon, they blamed the datacenter when they had downtime/issues, and with all the hypervm circus and i didnt renew it after a semi-annual deal. I had SLA credits enough to cover half the bill of a yearly kvm deal, so i got my first kvm with them. It was also a circus, i had to ask them to move to a proper node few times and then I got placed on a lucky node where there is no downtime yet. Meanwhile BlueVm introduced Feathur, and picked me for a free test vps, and surprisingly the vps is very good in terms of uptime and performance. I had renewed the yearly KVM which I use regularly for development purposes.

    To give credit when its due, @BlueVM is a honest and level headed provider compared to many here. They promptly accept issues at their end, and even compensate for it at times. They should probably audit their nodes regularly and show some love to the problematic nodes, to maintain a similar experience in all their nodes/locations. As of now we have good and bad locations.. and in there we have good and bad nodes. If am right, the zurich location provider spammed quite a few providers at that time, and of the few providers who bite that deal, BlueVM is probably the only one who still have nodes with them. This kinda explains the quality of the zurich DC, however bluevm has to explain their clients and give them options, while deciding on a better DC.

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  • I had some bad experiences with networks of BlueVM too. No more VPSes there now.

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  • I'm glad to see BlueVM stepping up to the plate to apologize and refund the clients money. It seems only fair regardless of the TOS.

    @BlueVM said:
    emg - If you would like me to issue you a refund I can definitely do that. I try to avoid it simply because people do abuse refunds if you offer them.

    I am not happy with the datacenter in Zurich and frankly if they don't get their shit together before the 30th of August we will be migrating clients elsewhere.

    Aside from that we've been working very hard to improve our services and support times, it's unfortunate that this hasn't been resolved and frankly I am extremely irritated that it hasn't been.

    I apologize if my prior reply was a bit heated, it shouldn't have been.

    alexh - No I was not, it is only inaccurate based on the datacenter it's in. We're working very hard to maintain our services and that reply was just me venting frustration (in the wrong direction).

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  • badreligionbadreligion Member
    edited July 2014

    @ATHK said:
    What location and node are you on?

    Currently S7-ATL. Previously S4-C34.

    It sure is neat that BlueVM is bestowing a refund upon one person to save some face. It'd be even better if they offered refunds to everyone else who requested one due to their terrible service.

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  • Thanks for the information. Its time to enter another door and move on. Experience makes a person learn something.

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  • alexhalexh Member

    SammiRose said: Thanks for the information. Its time to enter another door and move on. Experience makes a person learn something.

    Very valuable advice. One's ideas, and the advancement of these ideas, are often put on hold by waiting for the surrounding environment to change instead of making the necessary changes themselves. While a provider may remain a good fit for many, if they're not working for you, it may be best to walk away and find one that does; This holds especially true in today's over-saturated, under-priced VPS market.

  • harisharis Member

    I've also got a 37$ server last year in Zurich and it was awful. Firstly I was playing with it (being big on ram) with iredmail. But alas, the ip's were policy-blocked by PBL and I had to manually make a request to spamhaus to unlist (never happened to me before). That was one thing, I did it and continued to try and set up something on the server. But as the OP say, I too have had several downtimes. Every now and then the VPS or the network was down. I suppose the US nodes are better, but no one ever asked a US server. If the host wants to transfer to US instead of partial/full refund that of course would not be acceptable.

    Anyway I saw the title and HAD to agree that money spent on [email protected] is indeed wasted.

  • dhelldhell Member

    After read about BlueVM here in 2013, I've decided to give BlueVM a try. Their VPS is in top 5 in LET that day, so I have a big hope that their shared hosting is great as well. Thanks God, I'm not using them as my primary hosting. After this 2 years, my website already down so many times (as I realized).
    And now, my website is down for about 2 weeks already and I cannot access my CPanel. Create a ticket but they closed it without an answer, so I re-open and still waiting for their feedback.
    When my website up again, I will backup and move them to other hosting for sure.

  • dhell said: After read about BlueVM here in 2013, I've decided to give BlueVM a try.

    You claim that you read let for 2 years but this account created today. This is your first visit and your first post, that bumped an ancient thread bashing a provider. Even if BlueVM is not the best provider out there, your post smells fishy...

  • I use BlueVM since 2012. Indeed, right now they have ZU and CA big downtime problems.

    In the past 3 years I have seen it all in BlueVM: from good support at the beginning to awful support nowadays, from great services and uptime to awful downtime, from SolusVM to Feathur. I can not recommend BlueVM to anyone using it for production, but I also can't say for sure that it's like GVH and should be blacklisted. In the end it all depends on what you want, but don't have high expectations.

    From my experience as customer of BlueVM, a large offer (and possibly oversell) will soon come as an anniversary sale in May 2015. This will bring many abusers because of good offers with cheap services, so in June 2015 all clients should expect lots of downtime.

    Think carefully and calculate if for your projects need their services, and their long-time responsive support, because it is your money.

    Fastmako (aff) - another cheap VPS.

  • My KVM in NY with them has been down for 14 days now. Previously it was up for over 200+ days.

    I did get a response to my ticket saying something like "we're working on it" but I have a feeling that's just because I sent a PM to @BlueVM here. Then they closed the ticket. I don't know what is taking so long, even if they had to buy a new node and set it as a replacement it wouldn't take this long. Very disappointing. ..

  • IshaqIshaq Member, Provider


    What NY KVM node are you on?

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  • image

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  • Ishaq said: What NY KVM node are you on?

    I have 2 yearly KVMs on that node and both are offline. Both take forever to load any details in feathur and using Start or Restart buttons just produce the spinning "working" icon forever.

  • nullnullnullnull Member
    edited April 2015

    @Ishaq S26 too please check.

  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Provider

    14 days seems a little high. However, who knows what they're facing.

    I'm sure there trying hard to get things back up. Seems like most of the BlueVM reviews say things were good for years till recently...

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  • @SSDBlaze said:
    14 days seems a little high. However, who knows what they're facing.

    I'm sure there trying hard to get things back up. Seems like most of the BlueVM reviews say things were good for years till recently...

    Regardless of what they're facing, they should at least inform affected customers what it going on. Especially when the customer opens a ticket specifically asking what the problem is.

  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Provider

    @joereid I see your point as a customer. Communication is important.

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  • they're at least better than @123system, ticket has been sitting over a month.

  • earlearl Member

    I kinda feel bad forJustin.. Seems like a nice enough guy.. Can't imagine the BS he has to put up with offering such cheap services..

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  • I had BlueVM VPS and it was the worst VPS ever I had.

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