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How about a weeBlog?
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How about a weeBlog?

sleddogsleddog Member
edited September 2011 in General

This is a pet project I've been working on for quite a while. I've finally got up the nerve to invite public viewing :)

It's a simple, small, quick blogging app designed for your lowend box.



  • kylixkylix Member
    edited September 2011

    The comments doen't work

    Edit: Ah ok, you have to click on the title to get to the comment form. Ok.

  • Ah ok, you have to click on the title to get to the comment form. Ok.

    Just like MT, wordpress and most other blogging platforms. :)

  • kylixkylix Member
    edited September 2011

    @drmike: Actually in wordpress, s9y and you can click on the "comment"-text to be taken directly to the comment-form.

  • Actually in wordpress and s9y, that's a theme feature that the theme developer has added in. Originally those links weren't supposed to be links but just text.

  • kylixkylix Member
    edited September 2011

    @drmike: Well the standard theme of wordpress (kubrik, twenty ten) and the standard theme of s9y (serendipity 3.0 and bulletproof) both have that "feature". To which standard-theme are you referring?

  • Edit: Ah ok, you have to click on the title to get to the comment form. Ok.

    This is now changed.

  • This is now changed.

    Verrrry nice!

  • OMG, sleddog is the king!

    Is prettier than Kukkaisvoima :D

  • Both weeBlog and my Kukkaisvoima blog are my own designs. I am not a web designer, so both are kinda boring and maybe downright bad in some respects.

    For the weeBlog, I'm really focused on functionality for now. Aesthetics and theming will come later :)

  • sleddog said: Kukkaisvoima

    what is this

  • It's a terrible disease that stops people from being able to google. :(

  • Very nice, I might just give it a shot :)

  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited September 2011

    justinb said: sleddog said: Kukkaisvoima

    what is this

  • Very nice, I might just give it a shot :)

    Kukkaisvoima is a very nice bit of python. It has limitations though, the most important for me is that there is no web interface for creating/editing blog posts. Instead, you create a text file on the server. I built a few Bash scripts to make this a little easier, but it still lacks. IMO, in today's world of instant gratification if you can't click-and-post, click-and-edit, there's a problem... :)

  • tuxtux Member
    edited September 2011

    Kukkaisvoima is Finnish word and it is flower power in English.

  • You are a very fine person lol :P

  • tux said: Kukkaisvoima is Finnish word and it is flower power in English.

    Programmer must be a 70's child.

  • I like it. Please let us know when you release, I've definitely got a place to use it.

  • I implemented for comments this morning. Anyone have experience using this service? Pretty much every short message I try to post gets classified as spam :) Try it out if you have a minute. If you get classified as spam you'll see the result in a yellow box above the comment form.

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited September 2011

    @sleddog, if you're willing, can you post your IP range and I can check our anti-span database to see what's up.

    edit: Just tried it and got back the following:

    1 Error: says: SPAM: No reverse DNS entry for

    I can't tell if it actually took the comment or not. I hit save again and got back the error.

    Have to admit that failing on no rdns isn't one that I would do. Granted it's something fixable but I'm on wanderingwifi and rDNS is completely out of my hands. I think we're a +0.8 currently on the five point scale for no rDNS.

    reedit: I'm also iffy on they not providing any numbers on false positives. One of the (many) reasons why we don't use akismet either.

  • For me, every short message was being classified as BAYES spam -- i.e., bayesian filtering. Then I included the "site" parameter (with the URL) in the submission to and this seems to have resolved the issue. Now I can successfully post the same message that was previously BAYES spam.

    I agree that lack of reverse DNS is not a reason to reject. There's an "options" parameter for the api, which allows tests to be configured or disabled, but documentation is very scarce.

    For now, I just ignore the blogspam result if it contains the string 'No reverse DNS' -- so posting should now work for you :)

  • Is it and an or nothing fail from blogspam? Rather surprised that they don't have a gray area and/or a sliding scale. As much as people complain about it. it's one of the plusses of using Spam Assassin. Our clients can go into their software and change the scale if needbe. (Although I'm sure most of them leave it at 5.)

    I wrote more than 15 words and included a link to what I would presume to be a non spammy site. I know about how short messages get tagged or scored as spam so i tried to lengthen it out,

  • @drmike: Unfinished post? Or did it get chopped somehow?

    Disabling the rdns check was easy. The list of plugins is here. So I just had to set an "options" parameter in the api request:

    "options" => "exclude=rdns"

  • Went through that time. Stripped the link and everything after it though. I edited the comment and readded in what I had so you can see it.

    Hope this helps,

  • There's no coding that would strip out a link, and doesn't alter the content. Perhaps a bug... Would you try posting a similar message again? Thanks :)

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited September 2011

    Does it strip out incomplete html? Wonder if it was a typo. My tremor is a tad bad this morning.

    Give me a sec. Looking for a hot computer tech picture....

    edit: Didn't strip this time. Maybe a typo?

  • It uses the PHP strip_tags() function to remove tags other than those in the allowed list, and then the PHP DOM to remove attributes from allowed tags -- other than 'href' for the 'a' tag -- and to close any unclosed tags.

    So now that I think about it... yes, a typo in HTML tags could've been the cause (probably strip_tags() nuked it).

  • sleddog said: For me, every short message was being classified as BAYES spam -- i.e., bayesian filtering.

    That probabilistic stuff sucks (j/k)

  • @yomero: that issue was solved by providing the "site" parameter in the request.

    And now I've found the reason why :)

    "Each site which submits comments against the server will have its own unique Spambayes database - so our server doesn't store all comments within a single database, and thus suffer from global poisoning attacks."

    It seems that until I provided a site URL I didn't have a unique Spambayes database.

  • Interesting. So, your spam filter will "learn" or something like that

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